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Tina Karol And Luca Dayz Interview: Music, Hollywood Walk Of Fame, And Uncle Snoop

Tina Karol And Luca Dayz Interview: Music, Hollywood Walk Of Fame, And Uncle Snoop

Multi-Platinum Ukrainian superstar Tina Karol has teamed up with the award-winning R&B recording artist Luca Dayz and legendary West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg for their latest R&B, pop, and hip-hop single titled ‘Blow Your Mind’. Also featuring rap group LOE, which was released via Dayz’ label, Bentley Records. With Snoop Doog’s iconic megastar status with over 35 million albums sold worldwide and his laconic rhyming style, Dayz brought the perfect voice onboard as Karol’s deep and soulful vocals put the track over the edge as the song talks about new-found accomplishments and celebrating independence. This latest single is Karol’s first major English language release following her Eurovision 2006 entry ‘Show Me Your Love’ and could be her major opening towards a career in the west.

We, at the Honey Pop, had an amazing opportunity to chat with and get to know more about their latest collaboration, the musical journey so far, quarantine vibes, current projects, and future plans. Check it out down below!

Hey Tina! You have a new release featuring Snoop Dogg called “Blow Your Mind”. Can you tell us a little bit about the song and your experience of working with such a star-studded line-up?

The work on the track was unexpected for me and coincides with the global lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But in detail, how was it? I was sitting at home, the phone rang, I know the person who called me. And I was told great news that we will have a featuring with Snoop Dogg. And then I found out that I had an hour to record my part, come up with music, lyrics, and so on. I thought I had great authors and I had great songs. I took a part from one of them, put it into a song with Snoop, it turned out very organically.

That sounds great. You have just won a star on the walk of fame. Congratulations on that. How do you feel about this achievement?

I treat any awards with respect: you are chosen, it is not so important that the jury, the state, or the people themselves do it. For an artist, for a creative person, such moments are always important and touching. When I looked at hundreds of people who came to see the opening of my star I said: “I believe that there is one among you, whose star will also be on this alley”.

You have toured all over the world. What’s your favorite tour memory?

I really love my country, Ukraine, and I like to go on tour around it, to meet with my audience in a concert hall – it’s magic, it’s an incomparable sensation. And the same strong feelings were when I came on a tour to the United States. Of course, as a rule, emigrants come to my concerts, those who once left to live with you. But what I like most is that they bring American friends with them! (Laughs) It turns out such a mix of the viewer, but music does not have a language barrier, music is a language. It doesn’t matter if I sing in English or Ukrainian, I will still remain a singer. The main thing is to get into the heart, get into the soul if it worked out – it was a favourite tour!

Are there any other projects that you are currently working on with Bentley Records?

On October 9th, the new track “Teddy bear” will be released, which will be included in the compilation of songs released by Bentley Records. And I continue to work on the English-language album. Everything else is surprises and secrets! I am a woman of action, not of words!

You have also released your Ukrainian album recently. It has really cool artwork by the way. What’s the story behind that?

The cover of the album “Nayti svoikh” (“To find your people”), which can already be listened to on Apple Music New, was decorated with a snapshot of the sculpture by Ukrainian artist Vladimir Tsisaryk. According to him, my portrait, framed in angel wings, symbolizes a simple truth: “You can resist even on a fragile wing if your own world is full and stable.” Vladimir and I have close ideas of creativity: but for me they are forms with sound in time, and for him they are forms in space – this is lightness and power. Light forms and strong ideas.

Is there anything special in regards to this album?

This album includes a track with Snoop Dogg “Blow Your Mind”, yes, it is there! As for the rest, my new tracks in Russian and Ukrainian languages are heard there, they are woven by a conventional diary – dialogues: you can hear recordings of telephone conversations, conversations from the set of the video, or from the studio with someone with whom I also sang in a duet and these tracks found their place in the album.

So, what’s coming up next for you and where can people find you online?

I really hope that further victory over the pandemic awaits us, which means that the borders will be open again, we will be free again and I can fly to you. I think, first of all, people will begin to value each other more, to respect personal communication, and not online. But while we are separated by thousands of kilometres, just go to my Instagram account @tina_karol or to my YouTube Channel, and go a little with beautiful music.

Luca, you brought out this amazing collaboration with a unique trio to have on a song because of all different genres. What inspired you all to mix these sounds together?

I felt like it was the perfect collaboration due to our different genres. Like we could all add something to different and unique. Tina comes from a more pop background, Snoop with rap and myself with R&B. We were able to create a sort of “unique flavour” lets say. All three of us have a very diverse range of fans, they were all able to appreciate what we created with this.

A Snoop Dogg collaboration is a massive bucket list item for many artists, what was your inspiration to get him on the track? How did you go about it?

I’ve always had a lot of respect for Uncle Snoop, not only as an artist, but as a brand and businessman as well. He’s a legend in the game. Every artist wants to work with artists of that caliber. For me it’s all about strategy and making these collaborations a reality.

Luca, you’ve produced over 200 songs so far. How did the production for ‘Blow Your Mind’ differ from everything else, considering all the genres mixed into it?

Behind the scenes, I’ve worked on a lot of records from a whole lot of artists. So, I think all that experience came handy when it came down to producing this banger. I think this production was quite different, cause we gave it sort of a Caribbean pop vibe. We wanted it to be a feel-good track while giving a message at the same time. Many of our people from my label Bentley Records were involved in making this project a reality. Producers, songwriters, A&R’s etc. They all added some value.

We’re sure it’s been difficult to film things like music videos during this time, but if you would have had the opportunity to shoot the music video for ‘Blow Your Mind’, what do you think it would look like? Or, if you’ve shot the video already can you tell us your favorite part or give us a little sneak peek of what to expect?

Haha well, it’s definitely gonna have a bit of a GTA type of theme. With some old school whips, palm trees, yachts and so on, you know.

Many musicians have had to find new ways to make and create music this year – is there anything in particular about this song you had to do differently to fit in with the “new normal” that you can tell us about

You mean the “new abnormal” haha. For me it’s just normal life as I’m unbothered by the media circus. As far as producing and recording goes, it gets a little difficult to fly around to the studios I work at and collaborate with the artists in real time, that’s how I like to make music and keep it 100% authentic. But with today’s technology, it’s still possible to realize the ideas.

What is your favorite part about collaborating with other artists and how do you prepare yourself when collaborating with artists you haven’t worked with before?

I think what I love about collaborations is the uniqueness each artist brings to the table. And every time I learn something new through them as well. As far as preparing myself, typically I just go with the flow. I’m a student of life, therefore I’m always keen to work and learn from the legends.

What would you say is a key component for a song that is signature to you and how did each of you add that element in ‘Blow Your Mind’?

Having our pop star Tina Karol as a part of this project should be that signature element. She laid some amazing vocals on the record. She’s a very versatile artist, always open to experiment on different sounds etc. Tina really completed this record!

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Is there anything you’ve learned from this experience that you are going to carry with you in future projects?

Patiently waiting for the right time for the release! I think I’ve done that over and over again in my career both as an artist and as a record executive. It’s all about the timing. I’m also very much about the quality of body of work. I always wanna make sure a project is fully ready before I drop it. That all the right components are together. Putting out something half baked with a half a strategy will bring zero results. And all the effort gone to waste. This is something which I would always want to avoid by patiently waiting for the right situation and time.

2020 has been quite a bizarre year! But, is there one thing that’s happened that managed to truly ‘Blow Your Mind’?

Hmm, probably Cardi B’s WAP!?

You can stream and listen to ‘A Little Bit Of Yours’ here!

And watch the official lyric video below on YouTube.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us about your new release. It was great to have Tina Karol and Luca Dayz at The Honey Pop. While we are jamming and dancing to this latest banger, let us know what new information you’ve learned about them today! Share your thoughts with us on twitter @TheHoneyPOP and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Official artwork for ‘Blow Your Mind’ via Luca Dayz Facebook/Instagram

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