Here Is All You Need To Know About Chungha’s Upcoming Album Querencia

Here Is All You Need To Know About Chungha’s Upcoming Album  Querencia

Byulharang are you also still buzzing from the multiple pre-release singles we have gotten from Chungha so far? ‘X’ is just the latest addition to the fantastic pre-release singles we got throughout last year. The hype for the singer’s first full album started with ‘Everything Has’ in February 2020 and continued throughout the entire year with ‘Stay Tonight’ in April, ‘Play’ in July, and ‘Dream Of You,’ which dropped last November.

X‘ is out almost a year after the start of this project and is the last song to drop before fans finally get to hear Querencia on February 15, 2021. The song is a soulful track about building yourself back up after heartbreak produced by Korean indie band The Black Skirts and the music video for it is absolutely stunning!

The bond that protected me has been cruelly broken, and nothing has come to pass as I wished. All those who had promised eternity have left, one by one, and I have reached the lowest trough of my life. As I journey through the thorns and time falls behind, I have become an entirely new person. From the broken shards and countless wounds, I have finally rebuilt myself. If you’re watching me from somewhere, don’t ever forget that to you, I gave my best.

Chungha about ‘X’
About Querencia

Querencia will be an album that includes an entire world of musical influences – effortlessly fusing pop powerhouse vocals with elements of house music, afrobeat, reggaeton, grime, and more – all that in the album’s 21 incredible songs. The album is named after the Spanish word that means “a place where one finds peace of mind.” Here at THP, we definitely agree to needing some of that mentioned peace of mind after 2020. Querencia will also contain the first Latin/K-pop collaboration by a female K-pop solo artist – the brilliant song called ‘Demente,’ featuring Guaynaa, will underscore Chungha’s potential to truly and finally take over the world.

The album will be sectioned into four sides which show off each of Chungha’s talents through songs in different genres. We are so excited for this album to drop since the tracklist for it looks extra good!


2. ‘Bicycle’
3. ‘Masquerade’
4. ‘Flying on Faith
5. ‘Luce Sicut Stellae’
7. ‘Stay Tonight’
8. ‘Dream of You (with R3HAB)’
9. ‘Bother Me’
10. ‘Chill’
12. ‘PLAY’ (feat. CHANGMO)
13. ‘Demente’ (feat. Guaynaa)
14. ‘Lemon’ (feat. Colde)
15. ‘BYULHARANG (160504 + 170607)’
17. ‘X’
18. ‘All Night Long’
19. ‘Everybody Has’
20. ‘Come N Goes’
21. ‘Querencia (Epiloque)’

Indeed, it looks like Querencia is going to be a bold, transformative pop record that will set the stage for Chungha’s future career and we think it is destined to be one of your favorite pop albums of 2021. Are you as excited as we are for Querencia? Which of the pre-release singles was your favorite? Which track are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more new music? Look here!


Featured Image Source: MNH Entertainment via Twitter

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[…] Chungha is just about to drop her amazing, your sure-to-be favorite full-album Querencia on February 15th. So, it is the perfect time for you to start stanning this all-rounder K-POP queen! Chungha rose to fame through participating in the first season of the famous Produce 101 series and then debuting in the group formed through the survival show called I.O.I. Since the group’s disbandment in 2017, Chungha has gone on to pursue a fantastic solo career and make a name for herself with a fantastic discography and an amazing stage presence. […]

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