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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Saro On Music, Melancholy And Magic

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Saro On Music, Melancholy And Magic

At THP HQ, we have a new favorite artist that we can’t stop gushing about. Saro (born: Evan Windom) is an absolute heartthrob whose talent has captured the hearts of many. Among many other accomplishments, he is a prolific writer with a knack for writing songs that are heartfelt, honest, and laced with the truth that penetrates the soul. It’s not always easy to express our feelings. Sometimes, despite feeling overwhelmed on the inside, we cannot find the right words to say. Music helps us cope with those moments. We use music to express ourselves and find comfort in lyrics and scenarios that are relatable.

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Daddy, I love him/ There’s no one above him/
And I know you think I’m crazy/ And you say, “It’s against God”/
But no one can judge him/ ‘Cause daddy, I love him

That’s how Saro’s music makes us feel! Rather than conforming to typical genres, his music breaks stereotypical norms and creates a soulful sound that is both melancholic and euphoric, filling the heart but leaving the ears gratified at the same time. It’s not just us who have been amazed by his talent. Saro has won the attention of some notable artists, including Adam Lambert, who handpicked him to perform with artists like Hayley Kiyoko, Kim Petras, Daya, and others at OUTLOUD: Raising Voices event this year. The talent recognizes the talent, and we can’t wait to show our appreciation for that!

Image Source: Saro via Instagram

He conveys a sense of solidarity throughout his compositions using his intensely passionate vocals, as if urging us to rise above the heavy themes he expresses. Saro recently released a captivating pop track titled ‘Daddy I Love Him,’ and it’s is a beautiful, candid and intimate queer anthem. It is his ode to coming out and sharing his story, blended with soulful, confessional vocals. With his music, he incorporates lush melodies and poetry that add depth to sonic textures. He approaches queer romantic experiences with more open-heartedness, by eschewing sadness and anxieties. Aside from excellent compositions, the music also shows the singer’s ability to write and the discipline required to manage an independent career.

We had the chance to interview him, and we jumped at the opportunity. We were so excited to get a little low down on the new single, songwriting, pandemic, and learn a little more about Saro himself. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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‘Daddy I Love Him’ is a melodious treat for our ears, both sonically and lyrically. From where did the idea for this song come? And are you satisfied with how it has turned out since your original conception?
I really dated a guy with a snake tattoo on his face but my dad never met him. There was someone else I dated that my dad hated. The song is a culmination of those experiences. I love how the song turned out. 

What three songs from your discography would you recommend a new listener to know you better? How do you hope your music translates for your fans?
‘Eyelids.’ ‘Two Suns.’ ‘Nothing Remains’ (song recommendations.) I want people to feel a sense of solidarity. No matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone.

Image Source: Saro via Instagram

Even though the global pandemic pretty much shifted the functioning of the world, did you find any silver linings in the crisis?
The silver lining was that I loved having a break from people haha. I also learned how to be more self-sufficient when creating.

From your first release to this new song, what are some things you’ve learned that have helped you become who you are today?
I’ve learned that you have to stay authentic to yourself because people can see through the bulls**t. I learned that no one actually cares as much as you. Don’t be so precious with everything.

Do you have any specific musical influences or themes for your forthcoming album? Was there a song that caused you particular difficulty in writing or producing, or one that came naturally?
My influences are always all over the board. Every song has its challenges but ‘Daddy I Love Him’ was relatively easy to take to the finish line. My next single is called ‘Boy Tears’ and that one was fully written in a matter of hours. 

Image Source: Saro via Instagram

You’ve been making music for quite some time now, what’s one aspect of your music career that ended up being different from what you imagined? How do you feel about where you stand musically right now?
I didn’t realize that there were so many niches and places to thrive. It’s quite beautiful actually. Musically everything is constantly evolving but yes I am comfortable where I stand right now.

How has your creative approach to music changed over the years since you released your debut EP?
My debut EP was very heavy and dark because I had just lost my best friend to suicide. I usually let all of my darkness seep into my music but this new project definitely feels lighter because of the state of the world. I couldn’t constantly write about darkness under this shroud of darkness. I’m also way more open about my sexuality these days.

As part of Outloud‘s stellar lineup, how did you react when you first heard the news and how was your experience? 
When I got the news I thought it was a joke. “The Los Angeles Coliseum!!? Where I’ve been going to shows since I was a teenager?” It was surreal. I didn’t realize how healing it would be to perform again. It was a magical night.

Saro, you have a very loyal fanbase, but it can be hard often to balance privacy with transparency since social media is pretty much an open book. How do you handle that?
I go through phases of wanting to share too much and wanting to share too little. I’ve been getting better at turning off my phone in certain situations so that I can be present. I find that increasingly important.

How important do you think the multiple platforms are to maintain a fan base in this time of technology? What’s your favorite social media platform?
I think it’s important but I truly hate it. It feels like a strange era wherein everyone thinks to be a successful artist you have to be chained to your phone. Tumblr is my first love. Instagram is my second fave because I spend most of my time there interacting with fans. 

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I’m late so it’s not pride month anymore but hmmm…

With what Saro has in store next, we’re sure you won’t want to miss it. As we have already said, he is definitely one to watch. Download/stream ‘Daddy I Love Him’ here!

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Featured Image Source: Saro by Luke Austin and The Honey POP Graphics Team

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