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Exclusive Interview: Goldpark Talks All Things ‘Met A Stranger’

Exclusive Interview: Goldpark Talks All Things ‘Met A Stranger’

Looking for a new band to support? We’ve got you covered! Allow us to introduce you to Goldpark! They are a Nashville-based alt-rock band, who are about to release their debut EP One. Based on what we’ve heard from Goldpark so far, we’re certain you all will love them! Now is the perfect time to jump on board and stan, right before they hit the road this fall!

Leading to the release of their newest single ‘Met a Stranger,’ we were lucky enough to get to chat with Goldpark! We talked all about the new track and upcoming EP! We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview and their new track, ‘Met a Stranger!’

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Image Source: Goldpark via Instagram

First, we have to say we really love ‘Met a Stranger,’ it really takes us back to those coming of age 2000 movies as your tracks usually do to us. What was the inspiration for the track?
I wrote ‘Met A Stranger’ with my friends Chris McKenna and Frank Legeay. The song is really commenting on the place in adulthood where making/maintaining good friendships becomes increasingly difficult. Balancing your friends, family, and career gets so much harder when it’s up to you to continually pursue each one. It sounds selfish and that’s really because it is. Left to my own devices I can be very selfish. But there is something inside me telling me that life is so much better with people who encourage/edify/love you.

Please walk us through a little bit of the process of creating the iconic track. Was the approach any different from let’s say creating ‘My Place?’ .
Creating the track for ‘Met A Stranger’ started with a piano and a vocal. From there I wanted to figure out how to bring the song into the band space. I spent some time crafting a demo with parts I had written myself. From there (like usual for Goldpark songs) I sent the session over to Andrew (lead guitar). He added his sensibilities and then we hit the studio. Hunter West (producer) helped us bring the parts and spirit from the demo into the final version. He helped us to get great captures of each element (as he does so masterfully). And that is how we arrived at today’s ‘Met A Stranger.’

The fade into the loud opening, along with the first slow down with the tambourine roll, are parts that really stand out to us. Upon first listen or review what part of the track has stuck with you?
I think my favorite moment of the song is the first pre-chorus. The combination of the vocal melody change and the guitar parts/sounds that enter the scene really speaks to me. Especially leading into that first down chorus. It sets that moment up so well in my opinion.

Image Source: Jacqueline Day

How do you hope ‘Met A Stranger’ makes an impact in someone’s life?
Like all of our songs, I hope someone can hear ‘Met A Stranger’ and make a personal, unique connection with it. I do believe that the meaning of a song has value, however the meaning that the listener attaches to a song is way more important. Ultimately, we record these songs to share with the world and part of that is surrendering to what the song may say to any given person. Goldpark strives to be a source of hope and beauty in the world. That’s all we could ever want for this song.

In your lyrics you sing about how you can’t go back to a time “back when I never met a stranger,” but is there a moment in time that you would love to go back to and relive again as if it was the first time?
This has probably been said before, but I can’t help but want to experience childlike naivete for the first time again. A time where I was completely, unapologetically honest about who I was and what I loved. There’s a certain level of imposter syndrome that we all develop as we get older. I can’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be so completely unaware of what anyone thought.

What is each of your favorite lyric from the track?
My favorite lyric is probably the entirety of the second verse: “Smaller circles, closing in. Always hurts but it’s just how it is. All of our pain, we’re bound to relive. Serotonin, you know that it’s hard to find it.”

What kind of playlist do you see ‘Met a Stranger’ popping up on and if the song was a person what kind of person would they be?
I feel like ‘Met A Stranger’ is on a playlist called “Songs of Nostalgia.” If the song was a person, I think it would be someone who is thoughtful. But maybe sometimes too thoughtful. Lives in their head most days.

We think ‘Met a Stranger’ could be a really good first introduction track to Goldpark, what other tracks would you recommend to a first time listener?
I think along with ‘Met A Stranger,’ our song ‘Beautiful Desperation’ is a good first listen.

Image Source: Jacqueline Day

We know your inspirations for your music, but who are your inspirations for who you are as individuals?
I can’t help but think of my grandparents. I see them as self-sacrificing, hardworking people who love their friends/family/community so well. I can’t help but envy their experience of no social media/internet/general distractions. They were in the moment and intentional with the people in their life. I admire and long to be like them.

You just announced your fall tour, we know you’re itching to hit that stage and play some new jams from your upcoming debut EP, One. So, which stop are you most excited about? Any new places you hope to visit on your next tour?
I think playing Bonnaroo probably takes the cake for most excited.

Speaking of One, what tracks should fans keep an ear out for?
‘Lose My Youth.’

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What do you hope for ‘Met a Stranger,’ your debut EP and Goldpark in the near future?
I hope ‘Met A Stranger’ is a chorus people will sing at the top of their lungs. I hope Goldpark’s One is the best first impression on the world of who we are. And I hope to keep making music that excites/inspires me with my best friends.

Image Source: Jaqueline Day

We have a treat for you guys! The premiere of ‘Met a Stranger,’ right here on The Honey POP! This song is sure to turn anyone into a fan of Goldpark!

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We would love to hear from you? What did you think of our chat with Goldpark? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Jacqueline Day

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