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Exclusive Interview: Rest For The Wicked Talks All Things ‘Feel The Same Way’

Exclusive Interview: Rest For The Wicked Talks All Things ‘Feel The Same Way’

We’ve found your new favorite duo! Made up of Ben Townsend and Tasker, these two came together during the lockdown and are transporting us to an all-new musical world. Rest For The Wicked is marrying the best of so many different genres and coming out with some of the best music you’ll find right now, listen to ‘Bones,’ you’ll agree immediately.

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We were lucky enough to get to talk to the group all about their single ‘Feel The Same Way’ as well as their way of meshing genres so seamlessly. We hope you come out of this read a full-on stan of Rest For The Wicked, we know we sure did.

Stream ‘Feel The Same Way’ here!

Image Source: James Hornsby

Rest for the Wicked is a fairly new collaboration between you two, where did the idea come about to join forces?
Ben and I had written a bunch of really f*ckin’ great songs over the summer. One night I had a dream that we were on stage playing to a hundred thousand Agent Smiths and as soon as I woke up I called Ben and told him about the dream. His response was “now let’s make it a reality…”

The genres in which you two exist in your solo worlds are so different, what do you think it is about the two of you together that works so well and blends genres so seamlessly?
We’re a couple of cooks who aren’t afraid of throwing in all the ingredients into the pan and seeing what comes out.

‘Bones’ received high praise for a debut single, what was it about the track that made you guys sure it was the best first taste of Rest for the Wicked that the world would have?
It’s sonically ambiguous. We didn’t wanna be boxed in as one thing or judged for who we are and what we can sound like on our first release. It worked.

Image Source: James Hornsby

Is it true that you have had the synth line and melody for ‘Feel The Same Way’ in your head since you were in sixth grade? Is there a way you’ve recorded past ideas in case they come in handy down the road?
I don’t know what’s true anymore. I do have my own diary where I relay ideas so I don’t forget them.

The music video for ‘Feel The Same Way’ is so sick! Tell us all about where the idea for that came about? How long did the process of making it take?
The day before the music video shoot Ben had an accident on his bike (he’s an avid BMX biker) which meant he was going to be unable to perform the stunt-heavy scenes that we intended. We made a decision to call off the shoot and instead called my brother Jamin who has spent the last 6 months in an AI-computer-generated-Virtual-reality-break-the-matrix type frenzy and he suggested we do what is now the ‘Feel The Same Way’ video.

‘Feel The Same Way’ is finally out into the world! What has the fan reaction been like to the track? Is it always a sigh of relief to have it belong to the audience?
It’s been f*ckin’ great. I love releasing music. Just think about that term: ‘releasing’… we’re setting our prisoner free.

Image Source: James Hornsby

With the crazy year we have all had, what are you guys hoping fans take from the music you’re making together?
They’ll find their own meaning and importance from what we are doing.

Pilerats named you guys one of the ‘20 Australian Artists To Watch in 2021’ – who are some Australian artists you guys think we should be watching?
Lola Scott. Dante Knows. Gold Fang. Korky Buchek. Wolfmother.

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We have a feeling this is only the beginning for Rest for the Wicked! Any plans you guys can share with us as we close out 2021?
Your intuition is a candlelight to the truth, my friend. More of everything. That is and will always be the plan. More.

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Featured Image Source: James Hornsby edited by Afnan Acharki

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