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Exclusive Interview: The Unlikely Candidates Talk ‘Gemini,’ Touring, & Mood Boards

Exclusive Interview: The Unlikely Candidates Talk ‘Gemini,’ Touring, & Mood Boards

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If you’re always on the lookout for cool bands like us, then we’ve got a suggestion for you! The Unlikely Candidates are a five-piece indie-rock group from Texas. In June, they released their single ‘Gemini,’ which we highly recommend you add to your playlists!

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The band has released three EPs since their formation in 2008, and their breakthrough single ‘Novocaine’ is a bop you should revisit. The group consists of Kyle Morris (vocals), Brenton Carney (lead guitar), Cole Male (guitar), Jared Hornbeek (bass), and Kevin Goddard (drums). If you love their catchy, energetic vibes as much as us, you can catch them on tour through October this year as we return to live music!

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Check out our interview with TUC below!

We absolutely love the concept of ‘Gemini.’ Sometimes Geminis get a bad rep for being ‘two-faced,’ but this song kind of presents that in a different light that’s really beautiful. Do you think you can ever fully show someone the version of yourself that’s just for you? Does the ‘face’ you show change for different people?
I think you mostly can. Some people have that level of intimacy where they share everything or show that most vulnerable side of themselves, but I think there is always a part of us that we keep for ourselves at least a bit. Definitely, I think that different people bring out different sides of us. I have a lot of different kinds of friends, so I definitely connect and communicate in ways specific to them.

Our favorite lyric is ‘I wanna know what’s on the dark side of the moon/I wanna know the face that no one sees but you’! That’s so poetic and vulnerable. What are your favorite lyrics as the song’s creators?
I really like that one. It’s a cool image to show the mystery and distance in the relationship I’m talking about in the song. 

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As artists and songwriters, have you ever shown your ‘dark side of the moon’ through music? Is that kind of vulnerability something you strive for?
I think there has to be some truth in music and the truth is often raw and vulnerable. I’ve definitely gotten better at expressing myself in a more understandable way so that people have an easier time connecting to my words. So I’d say I strive for a level of vulnerability. 

Speaking of vulnerability – you don’t box yourselves in when it comes to sound. Have you ever found yourselves trying to? What helps you get into that space where you can create freely?
We have but we always end up getting bored and trying something new. Sort of ride the wave of our influences at the moment and go with whatever comes out as long as it sounds good. 

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We saw on your social media that you asked fans what images come to mind when they hear the song. So what comes to mind for you guys? What would your ‘Gemini’ mood board look like visually?
I think the moon is a big one. It’s got metaphorical weight and relates to the zodiac theme. Twin faces for the same reason. I relate songs to colors often and this song makes me think of neon purples and pinks surrounded by I guess some atmospheric darkness. Also roller skating, I for some reason just feel like that fits with it. Maybe it’s that disco vibe. 

Did you have any specific musical influences during the creation of ‘Gemini?’
I think it’s a bit of a throwback. So definitely some oldies like ‘Earth Wind’ and ‘Fire’ and stuff of that ilk. Also some more modern stuff like ‘Red Bone’ by Childish Gambino.

Image Source: Zach Burns

What sparked ‘Gemini?’ How did the writing process begin for this song?
We had this funky beat and bass line, so I started to freestyle some words and melodies. The word ‘Gemini’ popped out of my head and it seemed to suit the song so I built this two faces concept around it. 

In general, how do songs take shape for you? Do you draw more from personal experience or creating stories?
I generally start with a hook or concept and build around that. Most of [it] is just abstract fragments of scenes from my life.

We’re really excited to hear the new song live! How different is performing on live streams vs in person? What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming headlining tour?
It’s worlds apart. Streaming is more like a really focused practice and live you are feeding off the energy in the room and crowd. Just being back in these rooms and seeing our fans again. People really elevate everything and bring the performance to life. 

Do you have a ‘face’ you put on when you’re onstage vs. off? 
Absolutely. I’m pretty wild and dramatic on stage. Offstage I’m pretty relaxed and normal for the most part. 

You’ve toured with tons of cool artists and you’re really great performers yourselves. Who was the first artist you all saw live that made you want to become musicians? Do you still get inspired by watching other artists today?
Green Day was one of the first bands I saw play live and they made a big impression on me. He was a real showman. Definitely, it’s [rarer] but I still see some things that spark my imagination from other artists.

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Is there anything you can tell us about your upcoming album that’ll get fans hyped?
It’s a buffet of different sounds and styles. Something for everyone.

Lastly, since the song is called ‘Gemini,’ we have to know, are any of you actually Geminis? What are your zodiac signs?
I think Cole is. I’m a Virgo. Brent’s a Leo. Jared is a Cancer. Kevin is a Taurus. We’re all over the place. 

Go stream ‘Gemini’ and check out more interviews here!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of The Unlikely Candidates with editing by Afnan Acharki for THP

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