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Getting Up Close And Personal With MAGIC GIANT In New York

Getting Up Close And Personal With MAGIC GIANT In New York

There really is nothing like seeing your favorite artist in a super close setting. We got to do just that with MAGIC GIANT at one of their most intimate shows ever in New York City!

They played the legendary Rockwood Music Hall which only holds around 150 people. It really felt like we were in a room full of our best friends. Vocalist Austin stepped on stage first to introduce Ashley Hess, a “friend of a friend, but now just our friend!” to open the show.

Ashley goes by the motto “happy girl sad songs,” and proved it by taking us through the five stages of grieving a breakup while simultaneously being the most bubbly girl we’ve ever seen in between songs. 

She ended the set with ‘Grain of Salt,’ which she said is the “closest she’ll ever be to being Lizzo.” Girl, Lizzo would love that song just as much as we did!

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Bringing The Energy

When MAGIC GIANT walked onto the stage, the energy in the room was higher than we could’ve ever imagined, almost instantly. Every member of the band interacted with fans throughout the whole show, while singing, dancing (they have moves), and playing multiple instruments at once. 

The small stage couldn’t contain their energy. Austin jumped into the crowd more than once to dance with us, while guitarist Zang jumped on the railing around the stage. They were so close that we were (happily) dodging trombonist/keyboardist Quinn’s slide.

The set had a mix of songs from their new album, The Valley, their old hits, and even a cover of ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor! We also got to sing ‘Jessie’s Song’ acoustic with Zang and Austin down in the crowd surrounded by flashlights for the first time. Very surreal moment to be a part of.

We had so much fun in New York City with MAGIC GIANT at their sold-out Rockwood show! It was definitely a night we won’t forget for a long time. 

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