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5 Reasons You Should Stan Lauren Jauregui

5 Reasons You Should Stan Lauren Jauregui

From 2012 all the way up to now, Lauren Jauregui has stolen the world’s hearts with her beautiful voice, incredible style, and her uplifting energy. Of course everyone here at The Honey POP is absolutely in love with Lauren Jauregui, and we think you should be too! There is an endless amount of reasons to stan Lauren, but today we’ll give you five reasons just to get you started if you’re new to the “Jaguars” community.

Image source: @IVYTELLIN via Lauren Jauregui Instagram

1. Lauren Is An Inspiration

We got to see Lauren Jauregui grow up and flourish over the last ten years. We first met Jauregui when she auditioned for the X-Factor and she had the most unbelievable performance of ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys. She has shown nothing but strength and power while juggling fame as young as sixteen years old. We can’t even imagine how insane the transition from a normal girl who just likes to sing, to instantly becoming a performer in a massive girl group like Fifth Harmony!

2. Her Sound Is Unique

It’s really hard to compare Lauren Jauregui to any other artist because she has created such a fresh and original sound. She has created a soulful R&B sound mixed with indie pop and we are living for it! Jauregui released an incredible seven song album titled Prelude that you are going to adore. Her music has this beautiful feminine energy with gorgeous raspy vocals, the most perfect production, and of course, you will be able to feel every ounce of her strength and power through her sound.

3. She’s Not A Savage… She’s Literally Right

There are a few thousand videos titled “Lauren Jauregui Being A Savage For 10 Minutes Straight” when it comes to Lauren sticking up for herself and fellow women in the music industry. She is extremely open about the issues involving the fact that adults in the music industry will take advantage of young girls that just want to sing, including not supplying mental health resources. More artists need to stand up for each other and we are so thankful we have Lauren to educate us!

4. Her Music Will Comfort You

If you find yourself going through something, don’t even worry because Lauren has your back. She has a song for any possible hard time you could be going through. We all know music is our best friend during any rough patch. Lauren’s music is like a warm comfy blanket that can protect you from all things that could hurt you!

Image Source :@IVYTELLIN via via Lauren Jauregui Instagram

5. She Loves Us Just As Much As We Love Her

Fan interactions with any superstar are awesome but a hug from Lauren Jauregui just hits different. Lauren is constantly spreading love to her dedicated fan base online and in real life. She is genuine and it shows! Every meet & greet pose looks as if Lauren Jauregui is the fans bestie! If you want to stan an artist that you know loves you back then Lauren Jauregui is your girl!

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Image Source: @PISCESGRLY Via Instagram

Have we gotten you obsessed with Lauren Jauregui yet? Of course we have! Those were just five reasons to love her out of the billions! Let us know how much you love Lauren Jauregui by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

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