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Exclusive Interview: Cheers For Hayden Joseph’s ‘Dog Beers!’

Exclusive Interview: Cheers For Hayden Joseph’s ‘Dog Beers!’

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Rising country singer Hayden Joseph has had us hooked in since we first discovered him on TikTok. We didn’t think we could get more obsessed with the star, but with his recent release ‘Dog Beers,’ we stand corrected.

Image Source: Hayden Joseph

Hayden’s ‘Dog Beers’ is the perfect summer track to jam out to, especially after a long day at work. But that’s not the only track of his that you should be listening to; he already has a list of dancing tracks that should be joining your heavy rotation. We got the chance to talk to Hayden once again, but this time we talked all about ‘Dog Beers,’ TikTok, Shania Twain, and other LGBTQ+ artists he’s a fan of. You can read it down below!

Hi Hayden! As summer is winding down, and with you just releasing some great summer bops, how has your summer been going?
Honestly, it’s been very busy. I’ve been recording lots of music to get my album done, traveling, and in the process of a move (which is never fun). That being said, all ends are being tied up nicely, and I’m excited for this next phase of life and music 🙂

We really love the clever lyrics in ‘Dog Beers’: “in dog beers,’ I’ve only had one.” Did you come up with that line before you wrote the rest, or did that come last?
I came up with that final line, and my co-writer (Bryan Ruby) and I wrote the full song around it. When I came up with the phrase, I generally knew how the rest of the song needed to fall into place, but the tag line “I’ve only had one” was always the center point.

So you’ve got quite a following on TikTok; how do you think TikTok has developed in the favor of new and old artists?
Look, the app is still the Wild West of the industry. No one knows how it works, and it’s super inconsistent. I think it’s had a positive effect on the industry in that it’s allowed independent artists to organically grow followings. However, I think it has sacrificed song quality to an extent in that longer / slower / more serious songs are VERY hard to pop off in 30 seconds — but we all know songs in these categories can still be great. It’s also shortened the life span of singles, meaning artists are flushing the system with more and more content, potentially overwhelming listeners (and significantly decreasing ways to monetize music content for extended periods). I am grateful for the app, but I recognize the push and pull.

Speaking of TikTok, what’s your favorite audio right now?
I generally don’t use trending audio, as most of my content is me talking or related to my own/90s country music. However, I am very intrigued by the George Strait sample that’s currently trending in the form of a hip-hop dance remix cover, haha.

The other day, Shania Twain shared your Insta story on hers; if you were in a group together, what would its name be? And which tracks of both of yours would you both collab on?
‘The Queen and I’ 😂. It is very rewarding getting acknowledged by our idols, even with just little things like a story reshare. I think Shania would appreciate my songs ‘Out.’ and ‘You’ll Come Around.’ Her songs are overwhelmingly about love, self-love, and self-expression. These songs of mine fit well with both her message and her sound (I also used Shania’s tracks ‘You Win My Love’ and ‘Love Gets Me Everytime’ as references for ‘You’ll Come Around.’). If you haven’t heard yet, there is also a Shania reference in the lyrics of ‘Dog Beers’ — a Shania cameo here would also be a nice touch 🙂

What is a big thing you hope to achieve in your career?
In relation to the above, I would love to meet Shania Twain or collaborate with her down the road (Note, she was my first concert at age 4. She pulled me on stage and asked me to sing, but it was the only song in her set I didn’t know every word to… I missed my chance then. Talk about regrets, hahaha).

Aside from meeting Shania, I would love to become a household name. I want to prove that there is room for a proud LGBTQ+ musician in the mainstream country space. I want my music to be universal.

What are some other LGBTQ+ artists you have on your playlist that others should be listening to?
The Years and Years. Kim Petras. Bryan Ruby. Brooke Eden

If someone is listening to your music for the first time, which three tracks would you tell them to listen to first?
‘As Close As I Can Get To You’ – Displays both my songwriting ability, but also my willingness to experiment with genre-bending sounds.

‘The Only One Who’s Prayin” – Does a good job of showing the emotional side of my songwriting.

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‘Backwoods Bougie’ – Shows my ability to have fun and not take myself too seriously all the time.

Image Source: Hayden Joseph

Can we be expecting another album in the near future?
Yes, I have been rolling out the tracks as singles, and I ultimately have a 12-15 track album planned (likely to drop in full next spring, with a couple more singles in between). I also have a very special Christmas cover in the works.

What can we expect from Hayden Joseph for the rest of 2022?
I have a couple more singles up my sleeve, and a Christmas cover I’m planning to release this holiday season. I’m in a transitional phase in my personal life, so I may try to carve out a small break for myself to settle in behind the music. You definitely can expect many more 90s country TikToks… though the background may shift from Nashville to New York City 😉

We wouldn’t know how to act if a Hayden Joseph and Shania Twain collab actually happened! While we wait for more tracks from the singer, we’ll continue streaming ‘Dog Beers,’ which you can listen to here.

What did you think of Hayden Joseph’s ‘Dog Beers?’ Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!


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