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Exclusive Interview: BENNETT, Who Indeed Got Bops

Exclusive Interview: BENNETT, Who Indeed Got Bops

BENNETT’s social media handles are aptly dubbed @bennettgotbops, and that she does. THP dove into BENNETT’S new When It’s Too Good EP, and we can confirm that it is excellent!

Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

A rising R&B-pop singer, BENNETT hails from Connecticut and counts The Weeknd, Amy Winehouse, and SZA among her influences. Her honest songwriting and fearless approach to all facets of music-making, including visuals and beyond, make BENNETT an artist full of soul that you’re gonna wanna keep your eye on.

We chatted with the artist herself all about the new EP, her dream tour lineup, and more!

Welcome to The Honey POP! Can you give our readers a quick intro about you?
My name is Bennett I’m a singer/songwriter from Cromwell, Connecticut.

Did you set out to create a cohesive story with your new EP or did it happen naturally?
Everything fell together naturally. Once we made ‘Buzzed’ I had a clearer idea of the direction of the project. I decided to focus on mental health, coping mechanisms, and self-sabotage.

Who are some of your biggest influences of all time? What do you pull from them or what have you learned from them?
Some of my biggest influences are The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, and SZA. All of these people are true artists and I’m inspired by their storytelling and honesty.

Image Source: BENNETT via Instagram

And did you have any that specifically influenced you in creating this EP?
Yes! It’s very important to me to be honest in my music. Everything I say is based on something that happened to me in real life. 

What was it like working with Sebastian Kole? How did your collaboration allow you to grow musically? What will you take into the future with you?
Working with Sebastian was like taking a masterclass. He could’ve just taken over and done everything himself but he made it a point to teach me things. Everything he said and did was valuable to me and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity! Something I’ll take with me is the songwriting tips he gave me and how to say things in a way no one’s said it before. 

We need to talk about the ‘When It’s Too Good’ MV! What went into creating that video aesthetically? 
This video was so fun to shoot! I made it with Art Camp at a ranch in California. They had such a strong vision for the video and once I saw the treatment I was down. They have so many unique ideas like setting the garbage can on fire and I even stood on like an 8 foot tall glass platform and they got shots of me performing from underneath.

On your Insta, you talked about writing the OG verses of ‘Don’t Stay Too Long’ to a YouTube beat. Can you tell us about that track’s journey to where it is now?
Yes! I used to write all my songs to YouTube beats. I wasn’t able to buy that beat from the producer but the verses always stuck with me. I was in the studio with Sean Cook and Julian Nixon and we started making the ‘Don’t Stay Too Long’ beat and after a while it made perfect sense to put the old verse in there. The song came together so fast after that. 

If you could choose three things to symbolize the vibe of this EP, what would they be?
Three things that symbolize this project are fire, tears and henny lol.

A lot of the music in When It’s Too Good has a little jazzy flair! How did doing jazz band when you were younger inform you musically as an artist now?
I gravitate more towards jazzy chords and live instruments! Jazz band also helped me with improvisation which is super helpful when writing and even performing.

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Image Source: BENNETT via Instagram

Since this EP explores growing after a toxic relationship, is there any particular advice that you took from healing through your music that you would tell fans who listen?
My advice is to talk about it. Find someone you trust and talk through your problems. You don’t have to go through everything alone and most likely someone can relate to your problems or they can offer some insight.

If you could create your dream tour lineup, who would it be? 
The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, Smino, Masego, SIR, Jazmine Sullivan, SZA, J. Cole, Kendrick, Lil Wayne… idk there’s too many.

And lastly, what is one thing you want to accomplish as an artist this year? Aside from the release of this absolutely fire EP, of course.
I want to go on tour. I want people to experience this music live and I want to meet everyone!

Here’s hoping to catch BENNETT on tour sometime soon! Until then, make sure you’re streaming When It’s Too Good, right here!

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