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We’re Living For Lauren Sanderson’s Death Of A Fantasy

We’re Living For Lauren Sanderson’s Death Of A Fantasy

Lauren Sanderson

We’re pretty Sanderson obsessed here at THP, so we couldn’t be more psyched that Lauren now dropped the Death Of A Fantasy LP. The 11-track EP is full of fan favorites as well as 5 new exclusive tracks. We have been listening to the album on repeat trying to figure out our faves to share with you. If you’re a long-term fan or brand new to Lauren‘s music, consider this a crash course or refresher! (We honestly just wanted to put the whole LP in here)


Not only are we loving this track, but we’ve got a brand new video to go with it! One thing we adore about Lauren Sanderson is how they never shy away from getting real with their fans and being honest about their mental health in their songs. We know we’re not alone in feeling this way and is probably a part of the reason Lauren has such a close connection to her fans.

The music video is ultra cool and slightly trippy. Lauren knows how to put an aesthetic together and really deliver it. If you like this track then we think you’re going to love diving into this album. It explores mental health and relationships both romantic and familial, as well as how Lauren feels about her identity. Having been written over the past couple of years, the LP gives you a lot to think about, and the songs themselves are creatively exciting and will keep you hooked! We’re Death Of A Fantasy stans!


Released in May 2021, ‘QUEEN BEE‘ has been a solid fan favorite for a while. We’re not surprised this track made the LP as it has everything you could want. With pop, rock, and R&B vibes, this is such a solid song with so many influences perfectly coming together in the melting pot. Lauren blends styles so brilliantly all while putting her signature grit into it, which is something even the most established artists can struggle with. Lauren achieves this sound almost effortlessly. We also love videos with queer representation so naturally, we’re loving this!

‘nothing lasts forever’

One of the five brand new songs on the album, this is one that really stood out to us. You know when you hear something new and it just takes you away, so you have to spend the next hour listening to it on repeat and adding it to every playlist you’ve ever created? Yeah, that was us with ‘nothing lasts forever.’

The song is more understated than some of the other tracks on the LP but it really is a gem. We love Lauren‘s outlook on life and living it to the fullest while you can. It’s all about what brings you joy and it seems like Lauren’s got that sussed out quicker than most of us. Anyway, we adore this track and we think you will, too!


This one packs a punch and we felt it. Lauren Sanderson, you really know how to write a song that tackles the deep issues and leaves us thinking. Surely there’s been a point over the past few years where we’ve wanted to switch off and ignore the world outside and all the craziness in our lives.

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The beat is infectious and Lauren‘s grunge-pop vocals shine in this song. The way the lyrics and her vocals flow make it feel like you’re having a conversation with her, ever dipping and flowing as the topic changes. They’re so nuanced and bring an extra level of depth to the lyrics with Lauren‘s delivery. It’s a vibe and we’ll be listening to this one for years to come. We also love a topical Euphoria reference, who doesn’t love that show?

What is your favorite song from Death Of A Fantasy? Did it make our list? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram, come hang!


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