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Cecilia Gault On Music and Cultural Influences In Our Exclusive Interview

Cecilia Gault On Music and Cultural Influences In Our Exclusive Interview

Cecilia Gault

Cecilia Gault is the rising pop powerhouse in town, and if you don’t already know her, you should consider adding her to your musical repertoire. She is emerging as one of the most promising acts in the independent music sphere today. We have been captivated by Cecilia’s voice as soon as we pressed the play button, and she is now our newest obsession!

Cecilia Gault
Image Source: Cecilia Gault via Twitter

The 21-year-old New York native Cecilia Gault was born to Japanese and Irish parents. She has brilliantly embraced her bi-cultural upbringing, which defines her identity and profoundly influences her approach to music. Her insatiable creative spirit and relentless pursuit of success have made her highly passionate about what she does and embrace her uniqueness. Cecilia writes compelling, emotionally stirring pop songs that evoke intense emotions and instantly captivate listeners. Having a whirlwind of influences, colors, and sounds is what makes her work distinctive.

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A seamless blend of pop and r&b, ‘As Long As It’s You’ is one of her latest offerings produced by Richard Orofino. It’s a love song told through the lens of passionate declarations of love, which reminds us of Romeo and Juliet. It is a sonic gem combined with raspy vocals, densely layered lyrics, and electrifying pop rhythms that exhibit the intensity of love laced with glimmer, vulnerability, and tenderness.

The lyrics allude to passionate love and sex, being in love with someone so much they can do anything and it wouldn’t matter, longing for love that you see in movies.

Cecilia Gault

Recently, we had the chance to interview Cecilia Gault, and we jumped at the opportunity. We were so excited to get a little low down on the new single, cultural and musical influences, fashion, pandemic, and learn more about Cecilia herself. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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We heard that you were shy as a child, but music helped you open up. What was your first experience like? What has changed in your relationship with music over time?
Music was a great exercise for pushing my own limits in terms of opening myself up in front of people. It took a lot out of me to stand in front of people and sing. It helped me just let go of everything and just do it. It’s definitely helped me with social anxiety. My relationship with music hasn’t changed at all!

What did you grow up listening to that has shaped you as an artist?
I grew up listening to so many different genres of music. My dad is a big listener of opera so my parents took me to see the metropolitan opera 4 times a year when I was in elementary school. My parents also took me to jazz clubs and rock concerts. Growing up, I also went to a lot of rock concerts with my mom!

How is your bicultural upbringing helpful in shaping the way you approach music? Does it feel like a responsibility to reflect your identity and represent your culture in your music using your big platform?
I grew up speaking in Japanese to my mom, and in English to my dad. It is very natural for me to mix the two languages together, that’s how I grew up. Not only linguistically, but I lived and breathed in both Irish American and Japanese cultures. I want to represent my background as much as I can in my music because it’s the best way to share who I am at my core.

Cecilia Gault
Image Source: Cecilia Gault via Instagram

Cecilia, being an artist and managing all aspects of your projects alone can be overwhelming. What are the most significant benefits and drawbacks of managing a project alone?
I get to have creative control which keeps the magic and joy of music-making stay alive. The downfall is that I get so overwhelmed with the number of tasks I have to do.

Your latest single ‘As Long As It’s You’ is produced by an emerging talent Richard Orofino. In what ways do you think it is important to let the new artists raise their voices? What was your creative encounter with him like? 
It’s been awesome to work with Richard on ‘As Long As It’s You!’ My creative encounter with Richard was great. We didn’t take the session too seriously which made the whole thing super enjoyable.

The lyrics are straightforward and remind us of Romeo and Juliet’s love addiction. Could other spheres besides music have influenced the songwriting of the track?
Romance on film is so much more dramatic in real life. The song definitely takes it to another place that isn’t realistic in terms of love and passion.

We admire your bold personality. Who are your female role models and inspirations that you look up to every day, and what do you value most about them?
I admire pop icons like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Their artistry and personas inspire me greatly and I aspire to be on their level of pop stardom. On a personal level, I admire my grandma. She is a traditional strong Japanese woman who I was super close to growing up.

Image Source: Cecilia Gault via Instagram

You’re also into fashion and art, how do those intersect with your music?
It’s another way to express myself and my brand! When I am dressed in the way I want, I feel so confident. I put a lot of effort into my fashion because there’s a direct correlation between what I’m wearing and my confidence/self-esteem, which is super important when you are trying to capture the room with your music. Fashion helps me feel like a pop star!

How would you describe Cecilia Gault’s go-to fashion style? Would you say that you challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone and be experimental, or that you prefer to incorporate your culture into your style?
My mom is a designer so if there is something specific I want, my mom and I will work on it together! It’s awesome because then I have a one-of-a-kind piece. I definitely try to go outside my comfort zone, but the most important thing for me is to feel sexy and good in what I’m wearing.

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With what Cecilia has in store next, we’re sure you won’t want to miss it. As we have already said, she is definitely one to watch. Download/stream ‘As Long As It’s You’ here!

What are your thoughts on Cecilia’s newest single ‘As Long As It’s You?’ What do you want to hear next from her? Let’s continue the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the daily drip? Get the latest pop culture news and inside scoop by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: Cecilia Gault via The Honey POP Graphics Team

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