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Get an Inside Look of The Ideas of Grady

Get an Inside Look of The Ideas of Grady


Unique, charming and relatable are all words that have been used to describe the sensation that is Grady. With lyrics that this generation of music lovers fit right in with, it’s no shock that he has accumulated over 1 million Spotify listeners and gained his spot on many charts and playlists this year. Working hard in all aspects of the industry he’s not only known for his tracks but his collaborations as producer and co-writer on songs with Noah Cyrus, Bryce Vine, The Chainsmokers, and Kygo! Making way for his own hits, the viral star teamed up with another one of our faves, lovelytheband, on the song ‘The Idea of You’ and it is giving us all the feels.

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Yes, you heard us right, two legends on one track! Just like us here at THP, you were probably wondering how this iconic mashup came about. Well, lucky for you, we have the answer to that and many more questions as we pick Grady’s head with this exclusive interview!

You have mentioned that at a young age, you were very influenced by Beck. Who or what else do you think has influenced you over the years?
I feel like if you live with your eyes open everything can influence you, I just try to follow the stuff that makes me feel good.

Your latest track, ‘The Idea of You’ features lovelytheband, how did this collaboration come about? Do you have any fun memories or stories you can share from working on the song or video?
I played it for Mitchy when we were hanging one night and he was so repulsed he vomited. He said he could save it by bringing the boys in. Really grateful to him for that.

Image Source: Sam Dameshek

And, the ending of the ‘The Idea of You’ video was definitely unexpected! Who’s idea was the ending, and what was the inspiration behind the video as a whole?
What a twist huh. I guess I just wanted to relate to the track, as nice as it is, it isn’t a storybook love song and it’s melancholic. Wouldn’t have made sense in my head to have things work out perfectly in the video.

‘The Idea of You,’ is all about that honeymoon phase that eventually goes south. What’s one thing you wish you could tell your younger self to help you get through or avoid situations like this?
Ebbs and flows are natural, but the law of diminishing returns definitely applies to relationships if not kept in check. I guess just don’t take love for granted. When I’m having a good moment with a friend I’ve thought to myself, imagine if I didn’t have this. Really makes me appreciate it more.

You’ve mentioned before that “all the best songs I’ve written, I kind of just vomited out.” Can you take us through your usual process of creating a song?
Live. Reflect. Explode. Reassemble. Repeat.

Your lyrics have seemed to really hit home with the millennial and Gen Z crowd as they’re super relatable and attention-grabbing! What’s your favorite lyric you’ve ever written?
It’s a pretty cool thing when you realize you’ve got love and no one can steal it.

Your recent single, ‘All In’ is about listening to your heart. Was there ever a time you wished you had listened to your heart instead of friends, your mind, or unwritten rules we think we have to follow?
No, but there are definitely times I wished I listened to my friends. Sometimes the trouble is knowing what heart to listen to when you’re an octopus.

Image Source: Sam Dameshek

You have over 1 million listeners and over 50 million streams across platforms. When did it finally hit you that people were really vibing to your music? How did it feel when you learned you hit such a milestone?
It still hasn’t. I was talking with my friend Bazzi last night about how as you elevate, people start having expectations of you, and then your art is under such intense scrutiny. I feel no pressure to be any particular thing and I don’t feel like the world is really expecting this or that. I think it’s important to stay sort of shielded from all of the numbers and just continue to follow my truth and make stuff that excites me and feels real.

You’ve written, produced, and collaborated with many well-known artists. Does that alter your creative process when collaborating? If so, how? If you had to pick one, what’s been your favorite project to collab on, and what makes it your favorite?
Absolutely. I think especially working with other producers you’ll pick up little tricks to apply to your own process. Working with Tim Randolph, whethan, pink slip, or diamond pistols we pretty much always make magic, but Daz Merchant is my favorite dude to produce for. We just have a synergy that I’ve never had with someone else.

What can fans look out for in the next few months?
THE LOVE UMBRELLA and maybe the next album too?

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Did someone say possibly a new album? We’re definitely on that hype train! Following the good vibes and making music that feels good to him, Grady is making his imprint on fans this year and we here at The Honey Pop can not wait to hear what he has planned for fans next!

What was your favorite part of the ‘The Idea Of You’ video? Did you expect the ending? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Sam Dameshek

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