Hear Us Out, A Hayden Joseph Exclusive

Hear Us Out, A Hayden Joseph Exclusive

THP Goes Country! In an exclusive pair-up, THP hears out Hayden Joseph on a number of touching topics. Writing songs not just for himself, but for others and understanding that experiences are unique to individuals and knowing that some are universal, Joseph finds a relatable experience with many. Breaking boundaries in genre and sexuality, Joseph uses lyricism and his captivating personality to tell his story. And let us tell you, it’s one worth reading!

A former career as a strategy consultant, he goes from corporate to country music! We get inside the start of his blossoming career, from where it started to where it is now. Talking TikTok, influences, and everything in between, we learn loads about this on the rise recording artist.

Check out the Hayden Joseph interview here:

Hayden Joseph Exclusive
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We’ve been overplaying ‘Out’ since its release. How about you? Let us know your thoughts on this THP Exclusive and how astounding this rising artist is by dropping a line below or finding us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOPFacebook, or Instagram.

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