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An Intimate Evening With New Rules? Yes, Please!

An Intimate Evening With New Rules? Yes, Please!

Our favorite UK/Irish trio New Rules treated us to an intimate evening with songs from their newly released EP Go The Distance.

Áine Deane’s Soft Vocals Have Us In A Trance

Áine Deane opened up the show and wow, we’re kind of obsessed! With dreamy vocals, Áine started with her original song ‘Homegrown’ which she explained is about growing up in a small town outside of a city and then moving to the city.

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP

She then moved from “happy to sad” and took the piano to perform ‘Side Effects,’ a song she explained is about when you break up with someone and you can’t do certain things like listening to specific songs, or going to special places.

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP

Áine got the crowd warmed up by singing a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story,’ which she said was the first song she ever learned on guitar!

We Love A ‘Night Like This’ With New Rules!

The room went dark and New Rules were greeted by the screams of their many fans in the crowd. Starting with their title track from the EP, they sang ‘Go The Distance,’ and the whole audience sang every lyric back to them without fail.

After a few songs from the new EP, they took it back to the first song they ever wrote together which is called ‘Mountains.’ Then the audience really took over when they began to sing ‘Drunk Texts’ and the boys went off mic, letting the crowd carry the song!

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP

We took an essential pause when a fan at the front asked if the band could take her BeReal picture of the day. Alec confessed he did a terrible job of it after they’d all squashed together to get in the picture.

Bringing us unreleased tracks, the band told the crowd that they’d met someone who had their life together because all their house plants were still alive. And so, it inspired the song ‘House Plants,’ which is from the POV of someone telling another to get themselves together. Ryan told the crowd that Nathan was a huge hypocrite because he can’t keep any of his house plants alive! (Same Nathan, same!)

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP

We were treated to yet another unreleased song called ‘Man That I’ve Become’ and Alec reasoned with the crowd, telling them if they were quiet for this song, that they could choose any other one after. He explained the meaning behind the song, saying it was about embracing change in yourself. The crowd remained silent, almost in awe and they were rewarded with being able to choose the next song. Of course, conflicting screams filled the room and in the end, they mashed up ‘niamh’ into ‘Where To Find Me.’

After an intense best of three against an audience member of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Alec lost and the band had to perform their unreleased song ‘Problem’ which, of course, the crowd already knew every word to!

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Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP

Ending on a high note, the boys finished with ‘Really Wanna Dance With You,’ and the audience shook the room, even the speakers were jumping too!

So there you have it, what an intimate evening with New Rules consists of. They did secretly confess they’re doing another tour in January so keep your eyes peeled, you don’t want to miss them when they next go on tour!

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