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Games We Play Got A Job And His New EP Is The Result

Games We Play Got A Job And His New EP Is The Result

Games We Play is a name not many people had heard of until this year, but it’s time for you to get them on your radar. This one-man band has taken the pop-punk world by storm, and GWP is only getting bigger from here thanks to his Get A Job EP. It’s his first project since signing with Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 Records and it’s the definition of modern-day pop-punk. We can not get enough of it, so we wanted to share some of our favorite tracks!

‘Get A Job’

“Get A Job” is a phrase you’ve undoubtedly been told if you chose a non-traditional career. But, have you been told this by your partner’s parents? Emmyn Calleiro has. This song is Emmyn’s message to his now-wife’s parents, and though it is a personal experience, we know many can relate to it!

‘St. Girlfriend’

If you’ve ever seen Games We Play’s TikTok, you know Emmyn is not only a talented musician, but he’s also funny. ‘St. Girlfriend’ is an upbeat song that will get you up and dancing in no time, but may even have you laughing if you heard the story behind it. 👀 There’s a very interesting lyric about using your bathroom in your pants and this is because Emmyn wrote the song about a friend who pooped his pants on a date. Well, that’s one way to make for a memorable night!


Sometimes life gets tough and you get days where you do nothing but lay around, essentially making you feel like a deadbeat. Written in the 2020 lockdown, ‘Deadbeat’ is the perfect song for those days! Trust us, just crank up the volume and all your feelings will be validated.

‘I Hope You’re Happy’

All around, Get A Job has five incredible songs on it that you’ll subconsciously be singing for weeks. This EP not only features three of Games We Play’s most recent singles, but it also has ‘I Hope You’re Happy,’ the song that put Emmyn on the map. What a full-circle moment!

‘I Hope You’re Happy’ is a song that Emmyn most definitely found in some sort of time capsule from the 2000s and released 22 years later! It’s been in our rotation since the first time we heard it.

Emmyn was made to make music and whatever magic he’s hiding in Get A Job feeds the longing that ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ left us with. Now we want to know your favorite song from the Get A Job EP! Let us know over on our socials – find us at @thehoneypop on Twitter, or buzz on over to our Facebook and Instagram!

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If streaming isn’t enough, maybe you need to hear Games We Play live. Luckily for you, he’s got a headline tour coming up and will also be supporting State Champs. Check out the dates here and get your tickets!

Sometimes we don’t have time to listen to a full length album. Good thing you can find more EP’s right this way 🙂


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