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Exclusive Interview: AR/CO On Inspiration And Immersing Us Into Their World

Exclusive Interview: AR/CO On Inspiration And Immersing Us Into Their World

We couldn’t be happier to have chatted with AR/CO in this exclusive interview! AR/CO is one of the acts we’re most excited by right now, with their genre-bending and world-building music. With the legendary summer they just had and their new single ‘Night Feels,’ it’s a fascinating time to watch this duo’s journey!

As we are finally admitting that summer is over, AR/CO are celebrating everything they achieved during the sunshine months. They had some killer sets at the likes of All Points East, and are topping it off with a headline show in Camden later this month! Following on from tracks like ‘Call Me By My Name’ and ‘Under The Sun,’ AR/CO are back with ‘Night Feels!’ The track, influenced by dance and psychedelic-pop, is sure to keep you basking in sunlight during these darker months!

We won’t keep you waiting any longer! Read on to enjoy our exclusive interview with AR/CO!

Congratulations on your newest single, ‘Night Feels!’ Can you tell us a little about the recording process of the track?
We were midway through a writing trip in LA, kind of tired but super inspired. Our producer only had 3 hours that day so we just went in, talked about life and wrote this banger all in about an hour. 

We’re obsessed with ‘Night Feels,’ and its euphoric energy is helping us through as we finally admit that summer is ending. What inspired the emotional direction of this one?
A lot of AR/CO in this early stage is about the pursuit of happiness, that reaching for the good times. We wanted to make something that just felt like that. This is an ode to all the people that bring the party wherever they go. 

The music video is so cool too! It seems to be both very nostalgic and futuristic. How did you come up with the concept?
The song is so free so we wanted the video to be that way too. We ran around with a 360 camera trying to capture that energy then we brought in our magic friend Thomas Rowale to edit it together and make it fully crazy. 

AR/CO’s music is very freeing too! Seeing as it can’t really be ‘captured,’ how do you go about articulating that feeling of liberation and escapism? 
In the studio everything is super instinctive. With other music we do, we might think about it for ages about how we can rework certain parts etc. With AR/CO we just go wherever it takes us. Sometimes it’s magic, sometimes it’s not -but you gotta try. 

You had a jam-packed summer, playing so many festivals and shows! Can you tell us about some of your highlights? Do you have a favorite show from this year so far?
We jumped on stage with our friend Franky Wah at All Points East in London which was pretty wild. Our song with Frankie had been on the radio so people knew it, all our friends were there because it was a London thing, everything just came together for that moment. 

Seeing as AR/CO was formed during lockdown, what has it meant to you to be playing these songs in front of an audience now?
We sat in our bedrooms and in studios for so long visualising, so this all feels mad. We made this music to make ourselves and everyone who hears it feel free, so it’s made for the live scene. 

AR/CO press image
Image Source: Courtesy of Helix Records

Is there a song that has surprised you as you’ve played them live? Are there any tracks that have shot up your personal rankings once you’ve gotten to share them with the audience and see their reactions live?
It’s early days for us still but seeing everyone sing ‘Under The Sun’ together brings a whole new level to that song. We actually never imagined it would be this kind of tune when we wrote it.

You’ve also got a super exciting headline show at Camden Assembly in October! How are you feeling about it? Can you give us a little insight into what we can expect?
It will be wild. We have full control over what we can do in the venue, so we’re going to make it feel like the full AR/CO experience. We want people to immerse themselves in our world, it’ll be a fun ride. 

Is a full headline tour something you’d like to tick off the bucket list one day?
100%. We want to visit every corner of the universe. 

We’re probably being greedy but we’ve had a few incredible singles from you guys now, would you like to release a full-length album soon?
We’ve been working on it this whole time. That’s where we’re headed, just got to make a few stops along the way. 

As it’s one of our favorites, we have to ask you about ‘Call Me By My Name.’ Can you tell us a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of that track too?
We wrote a song called ‘Hot Air Balloon’ that we ended up releasing with Don Diablo. I think we did ‘CMBMN’ in our very next studio session and wanted to write something equally as fun and free but keep it all to ourselves. A few hours later we had what we were looking for. 

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Lastly, we love how AR/CO bend and integrate different genres and influences! Some fans of AR/CO might be new to the worlds of dance music, psychedelic pop, or electronic, for example! Could you give a couple of song or artist recommendations for THP readers to delve into if they wanted to explore those genres further?
Obviously Tame Impala if you don’t already know. Caribou is amazing, Sofi Tukker really bend the genre rules in such a cool way.

Thank you to AR/CO for taking the time to chat with us today for this exclusive interview! We’re so excited for whatever comes next!

Wanna see AR/CO live? You can get tickets to their show at Camden Assembly later this month right here!

Are you as blown away by ‘Night Feels’ as we are? What did you think of our AR/CO interview? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook. Come chat with us!

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