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Mali-Koa’s Road To Hunger

Mali-Koa’s Road To Hunger

As big fans of Mali-Koa we thought we’d give you all a rundown of everything she’s done leading up to her debut album Hunger. We have everything from her audition on The Voice Australia to the iconic album itself. We promise that by the end of this, you’ll be a fellow Mali Stan like us.

Early Years

Mali-Koa really took off back in 2012 when she covered ‘American Boy’ for The Voice Australia. She then moved to London, UK, and started a DJ duo called Double Trouble with her friend Kylie.

Image Source: Spotify Single Cover via 2012 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

Since going solo and before releasing her album, she’s had a handful of collabs with other artists. ‘Paint Me Black’ with Ben Hazlewood, ‘Numbers Game’ with H Block INK, and ‘All This Love’ alongside JP Cooper. All of which are certified bangers, we can confirm. We are the biggest fans of ‘All This Love,’ a song that has been on repeat for us since 2018. It’s the perfect song to do any slow dance to, a waltz, an American smooth, just dancing around the kitchen in our pajamas. Who cares? It’s so beautiful it needs to be danced to.

Leading Up To The Album

The first single ‘Dancer’ had Mali-Koa debut a choreographed music video, she even blessed us all with behind-the-scenes content on her Instagram. Followed by ‘Some Things,’ the original video had to be canceled due to lockdown, so instead, she created one of her own, which is super cozy. Mali helped us understand the video and her feelings some more by taking a quote and adding it at the end of the video, from the book “Looking Backward: 2000-1887” by Edwards Bellamy: “The effect of change in surroundings is like that of lapse of time in making the last seem remote.” ‘Me Before You’ was the third single from Hunger, with Mali-Koa sharing that this video was filmed backward! Legit, she had to learn the lyrics backwards, which we think is a talent in itself.

During the first lockdown, Mali-Koa did everything in her power to keep our spirits high. On the back of ‘Dancer’ and ‘Me Before You’ she hosted zoom calls for a bunch of fans. It definitely proves how much she adores the people who support her in this musical journey, whilst we were all stuck at home, this is exactly what we needed. Pure happiness.

Image Source: malikoa via Instagram


Don’t worry! We didn’t forget about ‘Revolution.’ We believe wholeheartedly that the song deserves its own moment. It released at the height of a lot of political moments and during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement too. ‘Revolution’ became an anthem, a song we all turned to for a message of hope and strength. Along with the official video for it, she called for the help of her fans and got everyone involved! Holding up signs of peace and love or inspirational quotes from all across the world, the video is full of uplifting moments and happy, smiley faces. It warms our hearts.


After waiting literally years, Hunger was finally released in its entirety. Although Mali-Koa is known for her sad, slightly slower songs, this album had a few bangers, which was awesome! The versatility of the songs means the album is suitable for any mood and any occasion. Well… we’d play it anyway, no matter where we are. ‘Hearts,’ ‘Sorry,’ ‘Me Before You,’ ‘Dancer’ and ‘Get It Wrong’ were all written with the help of Robert Harvey. Hunger perfectly encapsulates her journey over the years and clearly showcases her development as a writer and artist in general.

The songs are quite emotional and it makes it feel even more real, knowing it’s coming from her heart and her experiences. We’ve all eagerly awaited for Hunger to drop since we first heard her voice. On November 20th 2020, finally, that day came. When the album dropped, we were treated to the music video for the album’s title track ‘Hunger.’ She never fails to impress us with her style.

  1. ‘Hunger’
  2. ‘Get It Wrong’
  3. ‘Sorry’
  4. ‘Revolution’
  5. ‘Hearts’
  6. ‘Me Before You’
  7. ‘At the End of the Day’
  8. ‘Some Things’
  9. ‘Shoebox’
  10. ‘Human Nature’
  11. ‘The Art of Letting Go’
  12. ‘Dancer’
Image Source: Rosanna Jones


Moving into 2021, still on the high of Hunger, Mali-Koa announced that she’d be joining Flawes on one of their singles ‘Higher Than Before.’ We have been fed well from the very beginning of her career with all kinds of content, and this cover came with a bunch of photos and a stunning music video. All of which made our year a whole lot better. Flawes ft Mali Koa was a collaboration we didn’t see coming, but we are definitely hoping for another, or at least to see them perform it live together one day.

Image Source: Courtesy of Red Bull Records

AR/CO is also a project Mali-Koa took on during 2021, with their debut single being ‘RUN RUN.’ It’s a dance tune that we expect to be played at every nightclub, ever. Once again, it just shows more of Mali’s versatility as an artist. Her talent seems to be never-ending.

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We think we’ve managed to capture a lot of Mali’s journey, which was our aim and we can only hope that now you’re here at the end, you’re as much of a fan as we are.

We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ready and waiting for you to tell us how much you love Mali, what your favorite song is of hers, or even your favorite outfit of hers. She has a lot of good fits to choose from.

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Featured Image Source: Rosanna Jones

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