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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Adam Mac Is Our Favorite ‘Disco Cowboy’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Adam Mac Is Our Favorite ‘Disco Cowboy’

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Country singer Adam Mac is no newbie to the music scene, but his newest track ‘Disco Cowboy’ is still a breath of fresh air. ‘Disco Cowboy’ is all about having fun, and oh boy, will you have a good time while listening to it! And speaking of fun, we had an absolute blast getting to chat with Adam, all about the track, inspiration for the cover art, favorite Queer artists, as well what we should be expecting from the singer. So sit back and relax as we introduce you to Adam Mac.

Image Source: Courtesy of Adam Mac

We’re so happy to be able to talk to you Adam, especially after the release of ‘Disco Cowboy.’ The music video was also premiered exclusively with CMT, congrats by the way. How are you feeling?
Thank youuuu!!! Yes, it has been a wild few weeks! The music video premiered on CMT and now has been at number 1 on their 12 Pack Countdown for 2 weeks straight. Absolutely nuts. Feeling very thankful for all the people who are loving the song, and humbled to even be recognized by CMT.

Okay, so let’s talk about the track, it’s a feel-good track through and through, did you have as much fun making it as we did listening to it? Any favorite memories from either the recording or music video shoot?
I’m so happy to hear that the energy we had while writing and recording the song translated to you all. It was such a fun one to write. My friend AJ Smith co-wrote it with me and from the moment he played the opening bass line, I knew we had something special. Honestly, shooting the video was a full day of chaotic shenanigans!! I had about 25 of my favorite people show up and show out for the video shoot. We only had the venue booked for 3 hours, so we had to film everything you see in a very short amount of time. Oh, and it also all had to happen at 7am. It was one of the most hectic, fun days ever.

Adam, your outfits in the music video for ‘Disco Cowboy’ are in better words, to die for. What was your favorite outfit, also, did you take any home?
Sooooo first off thank you, style recognizes style so I see you. Secondly, I was actually responsible for all the fashion looks in the video. I pieced everything together and even hand-stoned the leather harness moment myself, so I can relive my disco fantasy anytime I’ve gotten a little too tipsy… also, you’re welcome to borrow anything you want sometime.

We just want to say we love the Tarot card look that you have for your cover art for the track, it goes hand in hand with the cover for ‘Make You Mine.’ When it came to the cover art, who decided on it being that, btw whoever it was please thank them for us.
Okay are we the same person? Am I interviewing myself here?? Haha thank you for picking up on that! One of the (few) perks of being an independent artist is that I get to have the final say on all creative decisions. Everything you see is something that I dreamed up in my kooky brain. I explained my tarot vision to my really good friend and collaborator Tiffany Hargis — who I actually grew up in the same small town with and we have worked together on almost every track artwork I’ve ever released. I knew I wanted to bring the Disco Cowboy fantasy to life with a custom nudie suit and mirror ball in hand to reference the ‘Make You Mine’ artwork. Tiff drew the entire thing and absolutely slayed.

Image Source: Tiffany Hargis, Adam Mac

If you could have any artist jump on ‘Disco Cowboy’ who would it be, and since they’re jumping on your track, which track of theirs would you want to be featured on?
Omg stop. This is the best interview I’ve ever done. So I’m completely obsessed with Dua Lipa, and she certainly inspired the vibe of my new album so I would loooove to hear her on the track. The disco country-pop crossover you never knew you needed. Haha, as for which of her songs I would want to jump on, it has to be ‘Pretty Please,’ it’s the groove for me.

We love that there are more and more LGBTQ+ country artists coming into the spotlight, who are some artists you are loving right now?
Thank you for giving me a chance to brag on all my queer peers!!! There are sooooo many in town that are right beside me fighting for recognition and a seat at the table. Chris Housman, Shelly Fairchild, Cody Belew, The Kentucky Gentlemen, Jessica Rose, Sonia Leigh, and Breann Young are all some of my favorite LGBTQ+ artists making waves in country music!!

You’ve been releasing music for a couple years now, is your approach different now when it comes to writing music than it was back then? Does it come easier to you?
I’ve been reflecting on this a lot lately and you know what I think it is? I think when I first started releasing music, I was so concerned with putting out music that I thought the general masses of country fans wanted to hear. For instance, I would try to leave genders out of my songs so as to not make it “too gay” and scare people off. Now I just write my honest perspective and feelings in the moment regardless of any of that. If it feels true to me and I love it, I put it out. I think the older I get, I have a healthier understanding of what it means to be successful and in turn, I think I’m writing the best songs of my career!

Should we be expecting an album in the near future?
Yessssss. I have been in the studio all year recording a new album that is packed with soul and funk and all my favorite inspirations spanning multiple genres and eras. It’s been so much fun to create and I really hope that translates in the music.

‘Disco Cowboy’ has found itself on our ‘On Repeat’ playlist, what’s currently on yours?
At this very moment I’m bouncing between Beyoncé’s new album and Fletcher’s new album. Female power, baby!!!

What can we expect for Adam Mac for the remainder of 2022?
I haven’t officially announced this yet, but I am releasing a surprise track from my album on October 21st called ‘New Vibration.’ It’s this ambient sultry song about reigniting the flame when you and your partner just get caught up in the monotone of life. It’s my best attempt at sexy, so watch out — could be awkward.

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Album on the way, upcoming track ‘New Vibration,’ plenty of new artists to check out, duly noted.

Gif Source: Tenor

We loved being able to chat with Adam Mac because, as he said, we’re literally the same person! Don’t forget to stream ‘Disco Cowboy,’ and make sure you keep an eye out for Adam for the rest of 2022.

What did you think of ‘Disco Cowboy?’ Are you excited for more music from Adam Mac? Let us know in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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