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Vulnerability And Realness: A Journey Through Ashley Kutcher’s Survive My Own Mind

Vulnerability And Realness: A Journey Through Ashley Kutcher’s Survive My Own Mind

Sitting down for the first time to listen to a new body of work is one of our favorite things to do, and we knew we had to mute the world around us to get deeper into Ashley Kutcher‘s new EP, Survive My Own Mind. This EP is a clear example of how songwriting can create stories that are both deeply personal and relatable. Every song is incredibly meaningful, and it has made us emotional and grateful for being able to survive our own minds. Here’s why we think you should check it out:

Ashley told us about the messages she wants to get out with this EP. Surviving your own thoughts is not easy to do, and she wants to address those mental health struggles that are usually not verbalized. Everyone is going through something you’re unaware of, and even getting out of bed is a giant victory. Ashley wants to keep sharing her vulnerability through the conversations that will spark with Survive My Own Mind:

While I’m releasing this EP now, I’ve come so far with my panic disorder and how I’ve dealt with it over the years, and I honestly hope to share a lot of those things [as well as I release the EP], ’cause while I want people to not feel alone, I also want them to know there’s a way out of it.”

Ashley Kutcher

Survive My Own Mind takes us on a raw journey through self-doubt and deeply emotional lyrics about love and anxiety. We adore every track, so let’s hold hands together and press play on this beautiful EP!

‘Survive My Own Mind:’ The Introduction To It All

The EP starts with the song that titles it, a perfect choice to introduce the listener to the struggles that Ashley wants to convey. There are so many beautiful lyrics in this track that have the ability to break our hearts, such as “It’s harder that I can’t point exactly why I’m anxious, everything is fine but I still want to escape it…” Describing to an outsider what happens inside our head is such a difficult task, and ‘Survive My Own Mind’ explains how you’re doing your best to keep going through your own thoughts.

The song also repeats “It’s getting harder and harder” through the bridge to represent that side of yourself that is in a constant battle mode. ‘Survive My Own Mind’ is incredibly relatable, and we thank Ashley for putting those feelings into words.

‘Love You More:’ The Feeling Of Being Stuck In The Past

This track asks an important question: Will I ever be able to love someone as much as I loved you?

‘Love You More’ explains how there’s still a part of us that wants to know what could’ve happened with someone if the circumstances were different. We’re still stuck in the feelings we’ve felt in the past, and we will wonder if we will ever be able to feel that singular love again. Through lyrics such as “I can’t give him everything, not all of me when you still have partially, some part of me,” this song just makes us feel. A lot. So many thoughts about the could’ve and the should’ve.

‘Sleepy:’ The Appreciation For Safety And Comfort

‘Sleepy’ differs from the previous songs, as it’s a love song that describes how being comfortable with your partner makes you feel safe. Having them next to you helps you. The bed is cold without them.

The track explains how the world might be scary, but as long as you have that partner to make you feel like you’re not alone, everything will be okay. Ashley has written some amazing lyrics that bring these messages to life, such as “Used to wonder why I get sleepy around you, I can finally close my eyes...” Feeling sleepy is a way of showing how vulnerable you can be with the right person.

‘Emotionless:’ The Emptiness Of Feeling Alone

This track is the most emotional of this EP, and it aches for the world to stop. To be able to breathe again. Begging to get someone out of your head.

‘Emotionless’ includes some of our favorite lyrics from Survive My Own Mind, such as “I’m checking my pulse, tryna slow down my breath, it’s been a few weeks now and I’m still a mess, being stuck on somebody who doesn’t even want me, baby, set me free…” It’s not so easy to forget people that have made an impact on our lives. We can trap ourselves in an endless loop, and although we’re the only ones who can stop it, it’s so hard to move on. We just want to be fine.

‘Only Love Me Broken:’ The Fear Of Self-Improvement

‘Only Love Me Broken’ talks about how becoming stronger affects those around you. Will they still like you, even when you evolve? Or will they leave you when they realize you don’t need them anymore?

This song gives self-improvement a new, unique light. What if leaving away those destructive thoughts makes us grow apart? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Ashley expresses these eternal doubts with lyrics like “I love that you were there to rescue but I don’t need you to always come through, and just for context, I am not your project…” This track reflects the unhealthy relationship between these feelings.

‘Nothing’s All The Time:’ The Constant Exhaustion

We all know that if we have made it out alive from many situations, we can keep going through it all, but it’s just exhausting to constantly think about our internal battles. ‘Nothing’s All The Time’ relates to those feelings in the most realistic way possible.

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The human mind is restless, and as the song title says, everything is temporary. Ashley’s lyrics in this song fight back and forth with this notion, with verses such as “Happy or I’m sad, it all feels everlasting, always when it’s happening…” and “So when it feels like I won’t make it out alive, just remind me of all the storms I survived…” Everything shall pass, but when will it happen? And once it has happened, who can guarantee that we’re not going to go through the same struggles again?

‘Do It All Again:’ The Desire Of Repeating History

Although there are people who we want to forget, we would still go through everything we’ve lived with them. The last track of this EP represents those feelings and how we’re not ashamed of the past.

‘Do It All Again’ makes us feel understood about not being able to move on just yet. The song includes a beautiful chorus, with lyrics such as “Time to time, I admit I miss the spark as we burned every bridge, I’d ride the wave even if I knew I’d drown again…” It also includes our favorite verse from the whole EP: “All of my favorite books have made me cry, but I don’t rip out pages, so why would I tear out our storyline? No, I wouldn’t change it…” Yes, we will admit that although it hurts, we will still live it again, and Ashley has turned our feelings into a gorgeous song.

We will be able to sing along to this beautiful EP on Survive My Own Mind On Tour! Ashley will be touring across North America throughout January and February 2023. Click here to learn more about the pre-sale, which starts this Wednesday at 10 AM local, and the general sale, starting on Friday at 10 AM local! Until then, we will keep on listening to Ashley on repeat!


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♬ Survive my own mind – Ashley Kutcher

Are you loving this EP as much as we are? Will you see Ashley Kutcher on one of her Survive My Own Mind tour dates? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And to learn more about our favorite new EPs, click here!


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