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Pack Your Bags! Miss Peregrine’s Museum Of Wonders Is Taking Us On A Trip Around The Peculiar World

Pack Your Bags! Miss Peregrine’s Museum Of Wonders Is Taking Us On A Trip Around The Peculiar World

We love anything and everything that has to do with the peculiar world. So we were very excited to learn that Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders is a guide that teaches us just that! This October release delivers all the spooky vibes we’ve been looking for lately. It reminds us of everything that we love about the Miss Peregrine’s series, but also lets us learn about the characters and magical abilities that we can’t get enough of! You won’t want to miss out on this beautiful guide!

The cover of Miss Peregrine's Museum of Wonders.
Image Source: Courtesy of Penguin Random House

Content Warnings: mention of death, grief, parental abandonment

Summary: A deluxe companion guide to the #1 bestselling Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series. Everything you need to know about the peculiar world, written by Miss Peregrine herself.

Gloriously rich and utterly delightful, Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders is an indispensable guide to the peculiar world, perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike. Covering everything from how to blend in with suspicious normals to the most popular time loops to visit as a temporal tourist, this essential volume is ideal for anyone curious about the world of Miss Peregrine: its strange history, curious practices, fascinating places, most famous (and infamous) names, and much more.

Written in Miss Peregrine’s inimitable style, it’s also a dramatic expansion of the universe fans have already come to love, introducing countless new peculiars, enemies, time loops, stories, and secrets, in addition to hundreds of never-before-seen vintage found photographs and select illustrations.

Our Review

We felt like we were peculiars ourselves reading this book! You’re immediately immersed in the world of the Miss Peregrine’s series the moment you open Museum of Wonders. With written annotations by Miss Peregrine herself, it gives the feel as if you are holding Jacob’s personal copy. The overall design of Museum of Wonders is stunning. From the beautiful cover to the red, white, and black color scheme, the aesthetic of this book is out of this world! Featuring the vintage, unexplainable photos that you know and love from the original series, you are taken on a journey through different aspects of peculiarity. We found the taxonomy of the peculiar abilities to be very interesting, we loved learning all about the different kinds of peculiars. There was also a lot of humor which we enjoyed, like a questionnaire to see what you should do if a mob is chasing you.

But be warned! If you haven’t read the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series, this book does include spoilers from the books that have been published previously. We’d recommend reading the original series before diving into this all-encompassing guide. Overall, we had so much fun diving back into the peculiar world. We definitely recommend Museum of Wonders for readers that love the whimsical feel of the Miss Peregrine books but would love to learn more about the world it’s based in.

You can grab your own copy of Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders here!

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That’s a wrap on our review of Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders by Ransom Riggs! Who’s your favorite character from the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

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