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5 Lyrics From EXO Chen’s Last Scene We Want As Tattoos

5 Lyrics From EXO Chen’s Last Scene We Want As Tattoos

chen- last scene

EXO-Ls, the wait is over: the voice, the talent, and the father of ad-libs is back! EXO’s Chen finally made his long-awaited post-military comeback with his third mini-album, Last Scene, and the title song of the same name. We counted the days until Jongdae would grace us with more moody ballads again, and it seems like November was the perfect month for this.

It is well known that there is no one who can reach the heights of Chen’s vocal ability, and we are impressed every time he outdoes himself. This mini-album just came at the right time when the days grow colder and darker and we get ready to cozy up in bed with a soothing record. Thankfully, Last Scene doesn’t only deliver on the vocal side – the lyricism of this mini is on another level. We are inspired and really need these five lyrics as tattoos eventually!

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‘Last Scene’

“I stand, holding broken memories”

The first line comes from no other than the queen herself, ‘Last Scene,’ which broke our hearts just to heal them again. Not every fairytale romance ends in a happy ending. Neither did the one in ‘Last Scene’ and this line just spoke to us. What’s left after a romance are broken memories that hurt, but also form us into the people we are.

“Only longing remains
All else fades away”

We love ‘Last Scene’ so much that we just had to pick more lines from this masterpiece. These two lines are just so full of pain and passion. They describe the post-heartbreak feelings so well and they narrow human nature down to one thing: longing.

‘I Don’t Even Mind’

“It’s okay to take one step at a time”

Isn’t this just a good life motto to live by in general? Chen is telling us not to rush things, not in life or love. Taking it all at your own pace one step at a time is okay, as long as you are putting yourself and your needs first. Well said, and beautiful as a tattoo probably!


“Even if the seasons pass and it rains
I’ll be by your side”

‘Traveler’ is overall such a beautiful song and we knew we’d get tattoo-worthy lyrics from it. These two lines are just so stunning and if you dedicate these lines to someone you love, someone you miss, or yourself, they are inspiring. They’re here to remind you: you are not alone, no matter the season.

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“Like the stars behind the clouds
I’ll bury it until the last minute“

We love those two lines from the post-chorus of ‘Reminisce!’ Chen just has a way to deliver so many feelings in simple words. The stars behind the clouds are always there – you just can’t see them until sometimes the clouds move at the very last minute and you are reminded they have, in fact, always been there. So should the people you love in your life as well, btw.

We might as well stop here or we will put all of the lyrics on this list. Which lyrics from Last Scene do you think would make a great inspirational tattoo? What’s your favorite song besides ‘Last Scene?’ Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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