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Exclusive Interview: Nicola Høie Reveals Her ‘Secrets’ And Takes Us ‘Skydiving!’

Exclusive Interview: Nicola Høie Reveals Her ‘Secrets’ And Takes Us ‘Skydiving!’

Would you look at that, honey bees? It’s time for our latest exclusive interview, and this time it’s with Nicola Høie! Nicola has just released her third single ‘Skydiving,’ and has a debut album in the works. She makes pop with a little bit of bite or “edge” in her words, and we can’t wait to see what she would do with a whole body of work!

When we say Nicola Høie is a global pop star in the making, we mean it. She was born in Norway but lives in Denmark, and her upcoming debut album was written between Berlin, Stockholm, and Liverpool. Plus, you add in the accolades of the writers and producers Nicola works with, who have credits for the likes of Little Mix, and you have a recipe for world-spanning success.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer! Stream ‘Skydiving’ here, now! Read on for our exclusive interview with Nicola Høie!

We’re so excited for ‘Skydiving’ to come out! What can you tell us about the creative process behind that track?
Recording ‘Skydiving’ was so much fun and was recorded in Stockholm. The song was actually previously released by an artist called Lights, which I loved. When my sound engineer showed me the track, he introduced me to it with totally different production behind it, and we thought it would be cool to make our own version of it – so that’s what we did!

We love everything you’ve released so far, so we have no doubt we’ll love this one too, but what are the differences between ‘Skydiving’ and your previous two singles?
They have really different sounds and meanings behind them. ‘Secrets’ and ‘Never Buy My Love’ have more of a strong message and are about calling someone out on their behaviour while ‘Skydiving’ is about falling for someone and having no control of it.

Were ‘Secrets’ and ‘Never Buy My Love’ written around the same time? How did you decide on the order that you’d release them?
‘Secrets’ and ‘Never Buy My Love ‘were written in Liverpool by Joseph Smithson, Jess Eigen, and Sam Vamplew Ellis and were written before I was introduced to ‘Skydiving,’ but once I heard it, I loved it so was excited to release it! We just released what felt right at first and took it from there. It was an organic process.

How do these two tracks characterize your sound?
It’s pop with a little bit of edge to it which I like to have. They have meaningful messages in them too and bold sounds. I like the tracks to have a story.

You’ve been working on your future debut album across several locations, including Stockholm, Berlin, and Liverpool. How does each place influence your work? Is there a big difference between how each city inspires you, and if so, how?
It’s been very exciting recording in new places that are all so different, and it’s fun being able to work in contrasting environments. I was in writing sessions in Stockholm, it was great to be writing with so many talented people and be a part of that. Working with such skilled people, who share the same passion as you is always great. My sound engineer in Stockholm is amazing as well, everything he makes just turns out super cool, and he is a really nice guy. In Berlin, we have recorded a lot at JRS, which has basically become a second home to me, so I always love to go there. My sound engineer in Berlin is incredibly talented and a very down to earth guy. Liverpool is where it all started. We worked a lot there in the beginning with writing, producing and did a lot of recording there. That was really fun, and to see how it’s all developed so far has been such a cool journey. All these places are so unique, and each brings something different, and that’s what I like about it because you get to learn so much. 

‘Secrets’ had considerable success on TikTok and was even named one of the “Best TikTok Viral Songs 2022” on Spotify! Do you enjoy watching TikToks that use your songs? Is there one that sticks out in your memory?
‘Secrets’ was my first single, so the response to it was so amazing to see. It’s always lovely when people listen and like your songs, but it’s been incredible to see so many people getting involved and enjoying the track!

Image Source: Jack Alexander, courtesy of Halestorm PR

We’re obsessed with the Kelvin Wood remix of ‘Secrets’ too as it’s perfectly summery. But what season does ‘Never Buy My Love’ fit best? How and where do you imagine people listening to the track?
In my opinion they are both summer tracks! ‘Never Buy My Love’ suits summer so well, and it’s a fun track to dance to. Same as the remix for ‘Secrets’.

There is also the Sebastian Pérez remix of ‘Never Buy My Love’ too! How did this remix come about?
The remix for ‘Never Buy My Love’ wasn’t my idea and was something I didn’t even think of. Someone in the team came up with the idea and decided to try it. I didn’t have a lot of experience with remixes but I love what Sebastian did with the track – it’s such a cool version!

Do you ever get nervous about remixes? We imagine it must take a lot of trust to allow someone freedom over your song like that?
I do get very nervous about remixes, especially as I’m still fairly new to them. I enjoy certain remixes though, but it does take a lot for me to trust someone to do that with songs of mine that I love and have worked hard on so it’s not always easy to do.

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We love how playful the lyric video for ‘Never Buy My Love’ is! There isn’t an official music video (yet) but if there were, what would be your dream concept for it?
I would absolutely love to do a music video on ‘Never Buy My Love’ and hopefully it’s not too far into the future but I don’t want to give away my ideas so you will just have to wait and see 😉

We can’t believe we’re wrapping up 2022 already! And it’s been a big year for you! What are you most looking forward to next year?
I know – I can’t believe 2022 is almost over. It’s gone by so quick. But I’m ready for 2023 because we have so many exciting things happening! I’m so excited to continue releasing tracks and for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on. There are a bunch of new things happening so I’m really looking forward to 2023.

Thank you so much to Nicola Høie for her time for this exclusive interview! We can’t wait to see what her 2023 has in store for us all.

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