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We Are So Ready For GMMTV’s 2023 BL And GL Lineup!

We Are So Ready For GMMTV’s 2023 BL And GL Lineup!

GMMTV 2023 Diversely Yours

Before we start our rewind season and reminisce about our 2022 Thai favorites, let us have a little chat about #GMMTV2023! Because you know we can’t just sit silently until these shows actually start airing. 

Our Skyy 2

This list is not in any order, but Our Skyy 2 has to be number one regardless. And if you’ve been around the BL fandom for a while, just by the title, you understand the little gasp (some might call it a scream) we let out when this teaser popped up. In 2018, Our Skyy gave us special episodes of RomePick (Secret Love: Puppy Honey), SunIn (My Dear Loser), MorkTee (‘Cause You’re My Boy), PeteKao (Kiss Me Again), and Arthit and Kongpob (SOTUS). For the newbies, yes, they were the icons of the era. And some of them still are, if you ask us.💁‍♀️

And this Our Skyy 2 teaser means, we don’t have to say goodbye to our recent favorites either just yet. PhuphaTian (A Tale of Thousand Stars), PatPran (Bad Buddy), KhabkluenDaonuea (Star and Sky: Star in My Mind), PuenTalay (Vice Versa), and AkkAyan (The Eclipse) will all be back for one-one episode this year — along with three other couples we are yet to see on screen, GunTin (My School President), PalmNuengdiao (Never Let me Go), and GunChay (A Boss and a Babe). And honestly, this was some of the happiest news we received last week! 🎉

Only Friends

Our initial reaction can’t really be shown through sentences or even emojis. But you know as soon as the GMMTV 2023 event ended we run back to their YouTube channel to rewatch this trailer and double-check if what we’ve seen is actually what we’ve seen. 👀🤯*Note to ourselves for future rewatches (and for those who are yet to click on it): don’t forget to breathe.*

What do you call a love triangle with six people, again? 🤔Well, you could say that the term we are looking for is “hot mess” but…you know this will be much more than that. And we can’t wait to discover the deeper stories behind the red flags, and the real issues, Only Friends is going to discuss. So many things are going on, so much drama, and a stellar cast ready to show character depth. Like… can this just start airing tonight, please?! We are definitely not ready, but also more than ready.


Waaaa *stay calm, stay calm.* Saying we are so so so excited for this one, is a major understatement. GMMTV answering everyone’s prayers by giving us a complete girls’ love series with Mint and Love as the main couple? And the trailer giving all swoon-worthy vibes, full of fluff and cuteness? 🤩Yes, the Earth (Mint’s character) revolves around the Sun (Love’s character). And we’ll be here revolving around 23.5. With GAP airing right now, and GMMTV finally giving girls the lead, we have high hopes that 2023 could be a great beginning for girls’ love shows. Because it is certainly about time!

Last Twilight

We may have teared up a bit while they were airing the Last Twilight teaser… This is gonna be an emotional, but heartwarming one. Jimmy and Sea are back for another interesting ride as the main couple. Playing characters coming from two different parts of society, one of them not being able to see his future, while the other is literally in the middle of losing his sight, not being able to see anything further than a span. *sigh* This is gonna be an absorbing mix of lighthearted and heavy moments for sure. Will A Tale of Thousand Stars be passing the baton to Last Twilight in snatching nominations and awards here and there? Maybe. We certainly see the potential in this pilot. (Not to mention the fact that the screenwriter-director is gonna be P’Aof once again.😏)

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Cherry Magic

We could all kinda sense that GMMTV is planning to bring the Tay and New pairing back, but this announcement was something we didn’t see coming. Even if you’re not that into BLs or more supernatural plotlines, the Japanese adaptation of Cherry Magic was just something you couldn’t help but love. Meaning, the fandom’s standards are pretty high for the story. Will Cherry Magic be the highly anticipated TayNew comeback that polcas have been waiting for, and live up to all the expectations? Well, since the official pilot couldn’t be aired just yet, we’ll have to wait even to see the initial idea. But if you ask us, the cast and crew are more than up for a challenge. So we are intrigued to see what they’ll make out of this!

Thai Cherry Magic GMMTV TayNew

GMMTV 2023: Diversely Yours

This selection is of course only a small slice of what GMMTV showcased during their annual conference. In total, they uncovered 19 series (including 8 BLs in total, and 23.5 as the only GL) and one feature film for their 2023 lineup. And you know we’ll be tuning in for all. You can check out all the teasers HERE. GMMTV is stepping up their own game each year, and it seems like #GMMTV2023 won’t be any different. From what we’ve seen so far in these pilot trailers, we’ll get a nice variety of fluffy and lighthearted shows, mixed with more serious, suspenseful, and heavy topics. With more challenging characters and plots to play out, so we are excited to see everyone’s performances and potential new sides next year.

Also, do you guys think, “office romance” is going to be the new “engineering student” in 2023?🤔 Let us know your thoughts and share with us your most anticipated show next year by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram!

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