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These Thai BLs Are Added To Our 2023 Favorites

These Thai BLs Are Added To Our 2023 Favorites

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We told you about some giggle-worthy Thai boys’ love dramas at the beginning of the year. And now we are back with two additions to our 2023 favorite Thai BLs for a(n almost) midyear roundup. If you missed out on any of these shows, no need to worry. You can stream all episodes and skip the struggle of waiting between the episodes. Happy bingeing! 😘

Moonlight Chicken

Beautifully presented uneasiness of life that still manages to bring comfort, warmth, and relief. If we had only one sentence to describe Moonlight Chicken, this would be it. All the characters and relationships in the show feel incredibly human and raw. Portraying different versions of complexity instead of something perfectly polished and flawless. Unpacking real issues and raw emotions.

We wish we had more time to untangle these deeper, but the eight episodes were as fulfilling as they could get. Not to mention that each GMMTV actor nailed their role. And their outstanding performance was supported by alluring storytelling and cinematography. Moonlight Chicken is a must-watch drama.

La Pluie

We went into this show without expectations and only pure excitement for Title’s (the actor playing Saengtai) colorfully portrayed emotions. We got that. And a lot more. Let’s just say, La Pluie is an interpretation of the soulmate trope that had us emotionally invested and say “theeere we go.” Instead of rolling our eyes at an overly cliché drama. It shows a more realistic (aka human) portrayal of love and relationships than what you’d expect from the story’s fantasy-like packaging.  

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Destiny, soulmates, and all that pink fluff…yeah, sure. Sounds lovely. But even if destiny serves you your perfect soulmate on a silver plate, a real relationship will require making decisions, effort, respect, and most importantly, communication to work and develop. La Pluie packs all this into a light, warm but meaningful BL. It was a pleasant surprise for sure.

We have our eyes on some of the currently airing and upcoming Thai BLs as well And wondering which ones will end up making it onto our best of 2023 list by the end of the year. 🤔🤩 What do you think? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram!

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