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BLs To (Re)Watch Before Their Upcoming Remakes

BLs To (Re)Watch Before Their Upcoming Remakes

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If you’re looking for something to binge or wondering what must-watch BLs you missed in the past few years, we’ve got you! Here are some BLs to (re)watch before their upcoming remakes.

We saw Why R U? and its Korean remake doing really well with localizing the show earlier this year. While keeping the base of the story, it did feel at home in its new Korean setting. And it seems like it was just the first of many remakes that jump beyond borders.

Although we believe we are very far from running out of stories, we’re super excited to see more and more unique original stories coming up in queer media. It is exciting to see these adaptations covering and showcasing the difference between the markets and their cultures through these BL dramas. And we always love a good excuse to rewatch some of our faves, so…here you go!💁‍♀️

Cherry Magic

TayNew’s long-awaited comeback is an adaptation of the same manga as the Japanese Cherry Magic, also known as 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii. This is a drama everyone knew and loved back in 2020. (Has it really been that long!?) So we are not just excited to see Tay and New again but also to meet the characters Kurosawa 🇯🇵/Karan 🇹🇭 and Adachi 🇯🇵/Achi 🇹🇭 again. 

The story talks about a magic power. Those who turn 30 years old as a virgin will be able to hear people’s thoughts by touching them. This is how Adachi 🇯🇵/Achi 🇹🇭 found out that the hottest, most popular man in the office, Kurosawa 🇯🇵/Karan 🇹🇭, has a crush on him. And from that point on…we won’t spoil it. You should watch it for yourself!

Now, here comes the even more exciting thing about the Thai remake. The team has about double the manga volumes to work with compared to the Japanese adaptation. 👀 Which means…are we getting a longer version of the story?! Uhhh, count us in! We already wrote about our excitement after GMMTV announced its 2023 lineup. So you know we’ve been eagerly waiting to finally see this coming to life.

With its premiere date on December 9 coming fast, you might want to add the original to the top of your watchlist. 😘 Not to mention that the anime version of Cherry Magic is also coming in January. We are spoiled!🍒

My Love Mix-Up!

This was a gem of 2021 boys’ love! Which yet again feels like yesterday… But GMMTV reminded us that it’s time for us to return to our lovely high schoolers, this time in Thailand instead of Japan with its 2024 remake.

My Love Mix-Up! (also known as Kieta Hatsukoi) follows the story of Aoki (or Atom, played by Fourth in the upcoming Thai version), who has a crush on his classmate Hashimoto (or Matmee, played by Pahn Pathitta in 🇹🇭). After an interesting turn of misunderstandings thanks to an eraser—and Aoki’s missing abilities to communicate 🫠—, Ida (or Kongthap, played by Gemini in 🇹🇭) gets the idea that Aoki has a crush on him. And things just escalate from this point! 

So yes. GeminiFourth is about to return with another high school rom-com, and you already know there will be no way not to adore it. We already love the story; we already love the main pairing. Our fingers are more than ready to hit that play button. But until then, you’re correct; we will 100% rewatch the original Japanese version on Viki. 💁‍♀️ 

Ossan’s Love

This iconic Japanese BL is ready to bring us all the 2016 nostalgia next year. Five years after the original, we are finally getting a second season! Ossan’s Love Returns will start airing next January. But if that’s not enough reason for you to (re)watch the show, we are also getting a Thai remake! With no other in the lead than EarthMix! We are so excited to see these two in an office romance! 

See Also

The original story follows Soichi, a single, thirtysomething company employee who is ready to get married. But things take an unexpected turn when he finds some pictures on his senior colleague’s phone. 🤳👀

Love Sick: The Series

Another icon on the list. We probably wouldn’t even be able to talk about Thai BL as it is if it wasn’t for Love Sick: The Series leading the way back in the day. For those of us who have been around that long, it’s hard to process both the fact that the show is already celebrating its 10th anniversary next year and also the fact of how far BL and the Thai queer media have come since.

The father of our main character, Punn, is trying to match him with his friend’s daughter. But their dad only listens to Punn’s little sister, so to convince their dad otherwise, he needs her help. The twist is…Pang is a BL fan. So first, Punn will need to find a boyfriend to fulfill his sister’s fantasies. What starts out as fake dating between Punn and Noh slowly turns into something more.

This show is really just an OG. And for the momentous anniversary next year, we are getting a remake! The world has changed a lot in the past ten years, and the extended teaser shows us a different approach to the story. So we are eager to see how that affects our leads of Love Sick: The Series in 2024! Mark your calendars for this upcoming July! Also, can we get a cameo from White and Captain? Pretty please?🥹

Which remake are you most excited about, honey bees?🐝 Let us know on X or by joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

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