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‘OMG,’ NewJeans Just Keep On Dominating!

‘OMG,’ NewJeans Just Keep On Dominating!

Over the past few weeks, NewJeans have been all over our hearts, playlists, and TikTok FYPs with the refreshing ‘Ditto,’ the first taste we got of their first-ever single album. And now, we have the full single album with the release of ‘OMG!’ This track is a cute love song about finding someone who’s always there for you, and we knew it’d be a bop as soon as we found out that Hanni co-wrote it, like she did with the breakout ‘Hype Boy.’ It’s such a great extension of their fresh, bubbly, R&B sound! 

And of course, the girls delivered an incredible visual to go along with the release. The ‘OMG’ music video sees the girls in a hospital trying to figure out who they are, seemingly forgetting their identity – in one scene, Danielle points out that they’re a girl group filming a video, even walking over to a director, then bursts out, “Guys, you really don’t remember? Come on, we’re NewJeans!” That tied with the opening monologue where Hanni compares herself to an iPhone that’s always there for its owner makes us think the video is really about the pressures of being an idol and balancing fans’ expectations. 

The OMG single album is such a fun project that we’ll definitely have on repeat for a while! Until we have a full NewJeans album, at least. But even when we get a full album, we’ll still have ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’ stuck in our heads. Speaking of ‘Ditto,’ that song is quickly rising and has already outstreamed ‘Hurt’ on Spotify – could we have another ‘Attention’-level hit on our hands? We think there’s a chance! Make sure you’re prepared and take our quiz to test your knowledge of the lyrics.

We also need to point out the parallels between the ‘Ditto’ and ‘OMG’ music videos – some shots in ‘OMG’ have the same outfits we saw in the ‘Ditto’ video, and the ‘Ditto’ scene where the video camera drops from the roof (effectively “breaking” memories of NewJeans’ time together) almost mirrors how the girls lost their memory in the ‘OMG’ video. And does the bunny figurine from the start of ‘Ditto’ come back in the form of the girls’ ‘OMG’ bunny hats? We have so many questions…

‘OMG’ isn’t just a song anymore, it’s our reaction whenever NewJeans do absolutely anything. They wanted our ‘Attention’ and they’ll always have it! We can’t get enough of this single album and we know it’s just the beginning of the monster success that Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyerin will see in the coming years.

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Now we wanna hear from you! What do you think of ‘OMG?’ Are NewJeans on your stan list yet? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more NJ content, click here


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