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Chloë Announces Her Debut Solo Album, Releases ‘Pray It Away,’ And We’re In Pieces

Chloë Announces Her Debut Solo Album, Releases ‘Pray It Away,’ And We’re In Pieces

Chloë is one of the most exciting artists in existence right now, and we’re not exaggerating. After a string of hit singles and Ungodly Hour as part of the unstoppable duo Chloe x Halle, she’s finally given us the news we’ve been waiting for! It’s been a long time coming, but Chloë will release her debut solo album, In Pieces, in March, and we’ve got all the details you need right here.

Chloë has an incredible level of vulnerability in her work, but it doesn’t end there. She’s also so open and honest with her fans, especially on social media, and has shared so many details about the album already! Between that and the majestic ‘Pray It Away’ music video, we’re lowkey overwhelmed. If you are too, don’t worry. We’ve put all the details together here just for you.

‘Pray It Away’

If we’re sure of anything in this world, it’s that any single that Chloë releases is going to be a masterclass in vocals and a complete anthem. ‘Pray It Away’ is no different! When asked why she picked this track to release alongside the album announcement, Chloë said that ‘Pray It Away’ is a palate cleanser, as it’s nothing like her previous singles.

But whether it’s ‘Treat Me,’ ‘Surprise,’ or ‘Have Mercy,’ Chloë’s singles always deliver. Now that we’re getting an album from Chloë, we know that every single song will be on just as high a level. The music video is so beautiful that it deserves to be in a museum, as do Chloë’s outfits. The heartbreak anthem is filled with Chloë’s jaw-dropping vocals, as well as a dreamy choir.

‘Pray It Away’ unveils a lot about Chloë’s relationship with God and how she turns to her faith in dark times. Now you can see why we’re in awe of her vulnerability, right?

In Pieces

Chloë’s debut album In Pieces will be released in March but it will be a very different album from the one her fans once anticipated. This has been two or three years in the making and was originally expected to be self-titled. Chloë is a perfectionist, so now the album is in a very different form. She completely “reconstructed” it, and now we’re more excited than ever.

Even more so, we love it when an artist has a hand in every aspect of their work, and that’s exactly what Chloë does. The songs on In Pieces were written, produced, and exec produced by Chloë! Get you a woman who can do it all!

Everything Else We Know So Far

Perhaps the most shocking news of all – none of Chloë’s previous four solo singles will be on the In Pieces tracklist! Chloë is a true artist who thinks about everything carefully, and she believed the album had evolved so far in the creative process that those tracks just stood out too much. She’s an artist who thinks about every aspect with precision, so we totally respect her choice here. We also lowkey respect Chloë’s decision to not just add them in to boost streaming numbers and stats.

Having said that, ‘Pray It Away’ isn’t the only In Pieces track we know about so far. A fan asked Chloë what song is playing during the album announcement trailer. Turns out it’s called ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ and is “1 of the 4 old demos that lasted.” We don’t know if our hearts can last ’til March at this rate.

That’s not all she revealed on Twitter either! Chloë has hinted, or basically said, that we can expect some ballads and at least one sad dance anthem. That’s our playlist for Spring sorted! She also just dropped in the eyes emoji when asked about collabs on In Pieces, so we’re equally terrified and excited to see what that’s about. March can’t come soon enough!

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You can pre-save In Pieces here!

What are your expectations for In Pieces? What collabs or features are you praying for? Let us know all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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