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We’re Still ‘Bleeding Love’ For Leona Lewis!

We’re Still ‘Bleeding Love’ For Leona Lewis!

Can you believe it’s been almost two decades since we first met Leona Lewis? Time really does fly! After capturing our hearts on X Factor in 2006, Leona gave us hit after hit. Each heartwrenching ballad made us fall deeper in love with her…and strain our vocal cords trying to nail those high notes on those late-night drives with our best friend.

Leona recently sat down with Vogue Arabia to talk about how her life has changed, including stepping into motherhood. She looked absolutely stunning on the cover posing with her daughter, Carmel. We learned about what Leona has been up to, how she’s grown, and her love for music. With poise and grace, she shares inspiring words that remind us why we still love her after all these years.

Image Credit: Sam Rawadi

“I don’t put music out just for the sake of it. Anything I do, it comes from a very deep place. It may take me a while to get there, and it may take time, but I think that’s when the most special things come to life because you’re putting that time into creating something so special, and that’s my process anyway, as an artist.”

Leona Lewis for Vogue Arabia

A lot of things may have changed over the years, but something that will always remain true is our admiration for Leona and our appreciation for her debut album Spirit. If you still haven’t heard it after it being out for over fifteen years, then we’re not quite sure what you’ve been doing, but don’t worry. We don’t judge. We’re here to remind you of its greatness! 

‘Bleeding Love’

When you think of Leona Lewis do you think of ‘Bleeding Love?’ Most people do! As one of her most iconic singles, this song put her on the map shortly after her winning X Factor. Not only is this a great shower tune, but did you know it was actually written by Jesse McCartney? The more you know!

‘Better In Time’

In 2008, ‘Better in Time’ was at the top of our sad girl playlists. When your crush didn’t feel the same, you pulled this up on your iPod and had a good cry. This song was all about healing and moving on, believing you’d be stronger over time. ‘Better in Time’ is a girl power anthem hidden inside a beautiful piano-led ballad that still puts us in our feels!

‘I Will Be’

Originally written and recorded by Avril Lavigne, Leona covered ‘I Will Be’ for Spirit, but didn’t release it as an official single until early 2009. It’s a powerful rendition of Avril’s original track that really solidified Leona as a vocal phenom. Seriously, her voice is insane! One of our favorites off the album by far, the only thing that makes it better is the music video. She starred alongside heartthrob Chace Crawford at the peak of our Gossip Girl addiction, automatically making it number one in our hearts.

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We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. With classics like these, it’s no wonder Spirit went on to be UK’s all-time best-selling debut album by a female. Do yourself a favor, run on over to Spotify, and give it a listen! While you’re there, make sure you check out the rest of her albums. Leona Lewis never misses!

Did we help you fall in love with Leona Lewis all over again? Feel free to fan girl in the comments or on Twitter @thehoneypop. What’s your favorite song from Spirit? Tell us on Instagram or Facebook!


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