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Don’t Sleep On Rising Indie-Emo Trio, wakelee

Don’t Sleep On Rising Indie-Emo Trio, wakelee

Last month, we told you about 23 artists you need to watch in 2023, but it’s time to add another to our list: wakelee. This Brooklyn trio effortlessly combines emo and indie. They’re a fairly new band, formed in 2019. But since then, they’ve put out plenty of amazing singles, including their latest three singles that we’re about to dive into!

‘Mood Rings’ 

‘Mood Rings’ is inspired by the feeling of not knowing how to feel after something bad happens and the general processing of emotions.

Alex Bulmer, vocalist and guitarist

Simply put, we’re in love with this song! The trumpets are definitely a standout feature, and it shows that they aren’t afraid to experiment and won’t be confined by what’s expected of either genre. The music video gives us strong indie vibes with filters and string lights in the background. But don’t worry; there’s still an emo flair with burning pictures after a breakup. A classic theme, and we’re here for all of it!

Our favorite lyric: “So I bought a mood ring / The colors washed and it left me confusing / Nothing revealed at all…” You can watch the music video below!


‘Outside’ was written from the idea that I often use a nice sunny day to distract myself and to clear my head, but living in New York doesn’t always allow that.

Alex Bulmer

This song has an overall more indie, mellow vibe, and we dig it. It gives us a chance to sit back and really appreciate and reflect on the imagery in their lyrics. It’s the perfect song to listen to ‘Outside‘ on a quiet night.

Our favorite lyric: “I’m just trying to get my mind right, like flowers blooming in the nighttime” 

Image Source: Courtesy of Earshot Media
‘Everything Under the Sun’ 

“Everything Under the Sun is about a relationship that slipped away and all the thoughts that swarm when you get a moment to yourself.” 

Alex Bulmer

If we had to pick a favorite out of the three, this is it. Whereas ‘Outside’ had an indie vibe, this one has a slightly more emo vibe. But like ‘Mood Rings,’ they’re not limiting themselves to just the traditional guitar, bass, and drums. The strings give it an added sense of depth. Combine all of that with the vivid imagery in their lyrics, and you have a song you can’t stop listening to.

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Our favorite lyric: “The hydrangeas on your desk remind me of you, and everything you used to do, I’m withered at best, fresh out my mind” 

Image Source: Courtesy of Earshot Media

We can’t wait to hear what they put out next, and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their debut album set to be released in spring 2023. In the meantime, if you want to hear more of their music, you can check them out on Apple Music and Spotify.

What’s your favorite wakelee song? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! You can also reach us on Facebook and Instagram, so we’ll see you there!


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