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Five Performances By ITZY That Blew Us Away

Five Performances By ITZY That Blew Us Away

If there’s one thing ITZY will always do, it’s give us an insane performance to blow us away! Their choreography is already one of the best and most iconic in the industry. But ITZY doesn’t only have their choreography and insane stage presence going for them; they also always reinvent their songs and put on unexpected and insane performances. Here are only five of our favorites!


‘DALLA DALLA’ and ‘ICY’ at the 2019 MAMA

It’s no secret that ITZY shook the world with their debut! ‘DALLA DALLA’ remains one of the most iconic debuts in the history of all of K-pop to this day. By the end of that year, ITZY had released two songs – both of which they performed at the MAMA. Something about the school aesthetic and the uniforms, their energy and stage presence – everything was so incredibly on point. Mind you, this was their first MAMA stage ever, and it was legendary. No wonder they won Rookie of the Year that same night – one of many rookie awards they won that year!

‘Not Shy (Hip Hop Ver.)’ at MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon 2020

Something ITZY will always do is change it up. Whether it’s an award show or year-end performance, they never go halfway in – they put their everything into it. Dance breaks, remixes, new concepts, ITZY does it all. The hip-hop version of ‘Not Shy’ is the perfect example of how ITZY constantly reinvents their own songs. They didn’t just make a switch in the song for it to fit a whole other genre and change their outfits, but they also changed the choreography to make it fit this new concept. To this day, this is one of the most memorable ‘Not Shy’ performances, and that says a lot.

‘WANNABE’ and ‘Not Shy’ at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards

‘WANNABE’ is arguably one of the most iconic songs in the 4th gen or K-pop in general. And it also has one of the most iconic choreographies. It takes a lot to change it up and create a performance just as impactful as the original. But that’s exactly what ITZY did at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards. With just a little bit over 3 minutes, this performance was simply huge, and it managed to represent perfectly what ITZY is all about. You can see each member shine and see their perfect chemistry on stage as a group as well. ITZY are performers; they perform.

‘LOCO’ and ‘In The Morning’ at the 2021 MAMA

Yes, another MAMA performance, but this one couldn’t possibly be missing from the list! ITZY blew everyone away and stole the entire show with this one. They had never gone so in-depth with a concept – and that says a lot for ITZY. There are simply no words to describe just how insane this entire performance was. Chaeryeon pole danced, the actor Heo Sung Tae made a special appearance, Ryujin acted as a spy and straight up defeated the bad guys as a transition between the two songs, we got a rock version of ‘In The Morning,’ and so much more. Everything about this was perfect and much more than we could have ever imagined. They were truly genius for this.

‘Cheshire’ and ‘SNEAKERS’ at the 2022 MAMA

What can we say? ITZY really knows how to put on a MAMA stage. Most importantly, in 2022, they turned it into their comeback stage. ‘Cheshire‘ was performed for the first time at the MAMA, and it doesn’t get more iconic than that. The intro gives you chills no matter how many times you watch it. And the transition between ‘Cheshire‘ and ‘SNEAKERS’ was breathtaking, to say the least, and made that bridge hit even more than ever before. Once again, their performance was one of the best of the night, without a question. ITZY are truly the queens of performing.

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What’s your favorite performance on our list? What other ITZY performances are your favorites? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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