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5 Songs We Hope Monsta X Performs At The We Bridge Music Festival

5 Songs We Hope Monsta X Performs At The We Bridge Music Festival

On February 23 the WE BRIDGE music festival and expo announced Monsta X as their headliner for day one of their two-day concert and three-day expo happening in Las Vegas this April! The monster third-generation K-pop group rounds out the already stacked lineup, including acts like Oneus, Vivis, Fromis_9, Dreamcatcher, Jessi, Kang Daniel, CIX, Enhypen, and Be’o.

Credit: WE BRIDGE Music Festival and Expo / Starship Entertainment

Monsta X is not even freshly a year out since their highly successful Not Limit US Tour, where members Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and IM – leader Shownu is currently fulfilling his military service – hit nine cities across America. The groups treated their American Monbebe’s to old hits such as ‘Dramarama’ and ‘Love Killa,’ but they also played songs from their English album, ‘The Dreaming’ as well as their album ‘No Limit.’ Recently Monsta X has come back with a phenomenal EP Reason, with the title track, Beautiful Liar.’ Of all their hits, here are the five we hope we hear most at We Bridge!

1. ‘Shoot Out’

‘Shoot Out’ is an iconic song for any Monbebe! The song reigns from the group’s second studio album, Take 1. Are You There? and gained the group some serious traction upon release. From the outfits to the choreography, this song is a surefire way to get the crowd pumped! Although we will be really sad not to be able to see Shownu do.. the part.

2. ‘Love Killa’

This title track is from Monsta X’s third album, Fatal Love. This sexy hard-hitting track had everything you needed in a Monsta X song! IM and Jooeheon’s electric rapping, Kihyun and Minhyuk’s phenomenal vocals, and Hyungwon and Shownu’s sensual dancing, what’s not to love? And yes, Jooheon, you are making us anxious.


This song was made to perform at music festivals! The guys performed this on their No Limit US Tour in 2022, paired with the tracks ‘Zone’ and ‘Falling’ to end the show. Monbebe’s quickly turned to Twitter, dubbing this section of the show, “Club Monbebe!” What better place to open Club Monbebe than Vegas?

4. ‘Rush Hour’

‘Rush Hour’ is a fan favorite among fans! With cowboy hats, racer jackets, cool glasses, and a fun dance, this track was made to win. Nothing beats Jooheon telling us to “Eat this,” and that’s simply factual.

5. ‘Beautiful Liar’

This last one feels obvious! ‘Beautiful Liar’ is Monsta X’s most recent title track off their latest EP, Reason. American Monbebes haven’t seen this song live yet, and we think that Vegas is the perfect place to debut this performance to America!

No matter the set list, we know Monsta X is gonna tear up the stage like they always do! But if they happen to perform these five songs, we wouldn’t be mad. If you want to get to know the members, you better start by checking out this article about what we love about them here!

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We are really excited to be part of We Bridge Music Festival and Expo and bring our show to Las Vegas for all the fans! We will be there on April 21 and can’t wait for you all there,”

– Monsta X

What do you hope Monsta X plays at the concert? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram


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