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4 Songs By Huh That Make Us Say “Huh?!” In The Best Way

4 Songs By Huh That Make Us Say “Huh?!” In The Best Way

Korean rapper Huh is coming out with ‘Midnight Law,’ his first single post Show Me the Money 11 on February 24 and we here at THP are overjoyed. Ever since his appearance on the Korean rap survival show we have been keeping our eye on him. In anticipation of the new song’s release, we compiled a list of our four favorite Huh songs that make us say “huh?!” in the best possible way.

‘Way up’

A powerful song from the finale of the show Show Me The Money 11 about how he’s only going to go higher, Huh really kept his promise. This particular song was a collaboration with fellow rappers Camo and Justhis, but Huh truly shines in his verses. He talks about his background growing up, how hard he worked to get to where he was at that moment, and how he was only going to go further in the future. The song is catchy, with Camo’s vocals in the chorus getting stuck in our heads from when we first heard the song.


Huh’s 2020 single ‘Cliche’ is perfect for those who are fans of the West Coast style of hip-hop. The even flow has the listener constantly bobbing their head to the song’s chill yet powerful nature. You don’t need to know Korean to enjoy the song being able to understand the overall energy the song gives.


If you’re thinking about underestimating Huh then this song will really have you saying “uh-uh.” This track features Gaeko, of Korea’s hip-hop greats and half of the Dynamic Duo as well as Show Me the Money 777 alumn, Kid Milli. A message to the haters and those who underestimate him, Huh talks about how he’s grown in the three years prior to the song’s release. The song is the perfect pump-up song and addition to any hype playlist.


‘MBT’ is a track with a more dance-based instrumental even if the upbeat music counteracts the lyrics. The song is about Huh wanting to go back in time to before he lost an unnamed love. In the first verse, he opens the song by taking responsibility for the breakup. He sings in Korean “work was more important to me back then, I’m sorry, I just realized it now” and you can hear the sincerity in his vocals. The song is versatile and perfect if you’re dealing with your own heartache or just want to dance.

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Don’t forget to tune into ‘Midnight Law’ when it drops at 6 pm KST and let us know what you think of it and these other Huh bangers!


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