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Sun Room Is Outta Their Minds With This EP

Sun Room Is Outta Their Minds With This EP

Sometimes we just want to be out of our minds. We vote to go run around like we’re in Teen Beach Movie and lose all sense of time. However, there is one condition. The soundtrack has to be Sun Room’s newest EP, Outta Their Minds, it’s non-negotiable. If you haven’t heard of Sun Room yet, uhh… are you ok? We haven’t been the same since we started listening to them. Last year, our favorite Donny boy, Louis Tomlinson, introduced us to them and we feel like proud parents watching them blossom.

Outta Their Minds

Sun Room just recently released a new EP titled Outta Their Minds, and there’s no better intro to this band of brothers. This EP is only four songs long, which has us begging for more. These four songs will take you back to a time you probably didn’t live to experience, but, oh, how it’ll make you wish you did.


‘Cadillac’ is an incredible opening track that has us convinced Sun Room are time travelers. Everything about this song transports us, and don’t even get us started on the music video. It’s as if the Beatles took out a loan on Surf Rock and re-imagined the whole genre!

‘Kaden’s Van’

The transition from ‘Cadillac’ to ‘Kaden’s Van’ shows the diversity of Sun Room. ‘Kaden’s Van’ is for all the grungier fans out there. We are always amazed at Sun Room’s creativity! ‘Kaden’s Van’ is fun and the music video is a literal movie. No way someone didn’t give them a camcorder and sent them to the 90s!

Why would you stick to what’s modern when you can go to another era? That is exactly what was done with Outta Their Minds. Some people are just made for certain things in life and Sun Room is made for music! At THP we are always on standby waiting for some crazy new music to hit us when we least expect it. Sun Room has taken up a habit of doing that to us. Although it’s not summer, Sun Room keeps our hearts warm. Stop by our Twitter and let us know your favorite song on Outta Their Minds, because we can’t choose!

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