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Six Styles With Daisy Jones & The Six! Your Favorite Song From Aurora Picks Your Perfect Outfit

Six Styles With Daisy Jones & The Six! Your Favorite Song From Aurora Picks Your Perfect Outfit

Daisy Jones & The Six outfits based on your favorite song from Aurora

If you’ve been anywhere on social media these past couple of months, you’ve most definitely heard of the new screen adaptation of Daisy Jones & The Six. Our favorite 70s band has been brought to life through Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse, Will Harrison, Josh Whitehouse, and Sebastian Chacon, all of whom have insane styles throughout the series and are the reasons why we’re currently re-doing our closets! With the debut album of Daisy Jones & The Six, Aurora, hitting streaming services we’re already imagining the incredible outfits that will come out of this show.

Since you’ve obviously listened to Aurora, and rewatched the first 3 episodes dozens of times… right? It’s not just us? Have your favorite song at the ready and here’s your next watch party outfit!

Stream Aurora here. You can also go right back to the 70s and grab the album on vinyl – click here to buy!

Daisy Jones & The Six's album artwork for Aurora
Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

‘Aurora’ & ‘Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)’

“Aurora, I’m here / I won’t disappear again / How soon can you come? / You’re my morning sun…”

These two songs make us want to drop everything and run around in a field at sunset. If either of these tracks is your favorite, this of course means – just like Daisy Jones – you’re the fire. You need sleeves, preferably big ones, something you can move around in and dance like no one’s watching … would Daisy Jones care? No, so you don’t either. And of course, the most iconic songs call for the most iconic outfit.

“We unraveled a long time ago / We lost and we couldn’t let it go / I wish it was easy, but it isn’t so / So, baby…”

Daisy Jones & The Six outfits based on your favorite song from Aurora
Image Source: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

‘Let Me Down Easy’

“I could see us waving in the distance / Like a mirage on sand / That could be us trading secrets / No one else could understand…”

What we’ve learned these past few days is that every single song from Aurora makes us want to spin around and dance for hours, and these outfits are perfect for ‘Let Me Down Easy.’

Daisy’s cape?? Perfect. Karen’s entire outfit?? Immaculate. Warren’s waistcoat and striped pants?? No words. This is a group of icons and nothing less. Whichever outfit feels the most you is completely free for you to choose, but you embody this entire picture. Have you ever seen a band with better outfits than Daisy Jones & The Six? We sure haven’t.

‘Kill You To Try’ & ‘Regret Me’

“I’ve been an angel all summer long / I swear I’ve done nothing wrong / I want all of your tears to be gone / Honeycomb…”

Don’t ask why these songs just are Eddie and Warren, but they are! ‘Kill You To Try’ and ‘Regret Me’ make us want to buy a leather jacket and honestly just break some hearts… rockstar style.

Now … if ‘Regret Me’ is your favorite Daisy Jones & The Six song, we’re going to assume Karen or Simone is your favorite character, and it’s so incredibly fitting. This song just exudes their energy – with the strong guitar and gritty vocals, these two powerhouse characters are ones to embody.

“Seven fallеn angels in a tumbler / Meet me in thе parlor with your keys / Meet me in the corner where you keep me / I’ll do anything you please…”

  • Daisy Jones & The Six outfits based on your favorite song from Aurora
  • Karen from Daisy Jones & The Six
  • Simone from Daisy Jones & The Six

‘Two Against Three’ & ‘No Words’

“They live with their lovers / Who all talk aloud in their sleep / Driftin’ off into a dreamland / Never as quiet as they seem to be…”

Camila is a character no one can hate, which is why she officially owns the softest songs from Daisy Jones & The Six’s Aurora. How do we start a Camila Deserved Better hashtag? Her fashion is already so incredibly underappreciated… like did you see her wedding dress?? This dress is absolutely stunning and completely illustrates the vibes of these songs. If either of these is your favorite song, we can highly assume you also are a Camila apologist.

“There ain’t no words to the song I’m here to sing / No, there ain’t no words to the song I came to sing / Oh, I just don’t know the words, babe, to tell you what I mean…”

Camila from Daisy Jones & The Six
Image Source: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

‘You Were Gone’ & ‘The River’

“A tree carvin’ of our names left high and alone / Nothin’ ever seems to stay that way, not for too long / Where were you? Oh, when I needed you, you were gone / When I needed you, you were gone…”

We knew going into this show that the costumes were going to be absolutely out of this world, and we weren’t let down! If you’ve had ‘You Were Gone’ or ‘The River’ on repeat this weekend, we can see you gravitating towards not only these outfits, but these four characters in general. These characters are the backbone of this series and the band, and match perfectly with the understated vibes of ‘You Were Gone’ and ‘The River.’ Is ‘The River’ going to get the attention it deserves, since it’s the 10th track? We sure hope so, because those vocals???

“If I follow you to the river / Send my blues out to the sea / Will you stay with me forever? / Will you chase me in my dreams?”

‘More Fun To Miss’ & ‘Please’

“You’re just a wild guess in a see-through dress / I don’t wanna hear you squealin’ up my drive / It took guts to think that I would buy that wink / But that little thing you do just ain’t right…”

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These outfits are genuinely insane… the denim?? The shirt?? The coat… Major props to the costume designer, Denise Wingate. Currently crediting her for all our Halloween costumes! There is arguably nothing more rockstar than these outfits, the jets, and these two songs. Can we please take a moment to appreciate Sam Claflin’s vocals in ‘Please’ – who knew Finnick Odair had it in him?

Depending on which is your favorite, you could either be Daisy Jones and Billy or Warren … anyone who can rock that coat of Warren’s also rocks out to ‘More Fun To Miss.’ ‘Please’ stans are understated and quieter, but when you look beneath the surface… they’re wearing an entire denim getup.

P.S. We don’t believe what Billy says ‘Please’ is about… Camila, you are stronger than all of us.

“Please I’m down on my knees / I have a family / Please, it’s an awful disease / And it’s getting me / Merged with a terrible urge every night / Please if it’s only a single bite…”

  • Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne from Daisy Jones & The Six
  • Warren from Daisy Jones & The Six

To end we thought we just highlight some of the other insane outfits coming from Daisy Jones & The Six

If you haven’t started watching the show already… what’re you doing…?! Check out the trailer below in case you need a little extra convincing.

Trust us, if we could include every outfit from Daisy Jones & The Six, we would. Aurora obviously isn’t enough… maybe we just need a second album, a tour, and everything in between. Which outfit will you be wearing for the new episodes next week? Let us know over on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


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