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Meet Gekko: The Most Charming VALORANT Agent!

Meet Gekko: The Most Charming VALORANT Agent!

It’s a very exciting time for us, VALORANT players! The first act of episode six has come to an end, meaning that our competitive ranks will reset, and we’re getting new content to enjoy: a new battle pass (which is a 10/10), a new Oni 2.0 skin bundle with some amazing cosmetics, and last but not least, a new agent to learn! Gekko is the latest addition to the game, and we couldn’t wait to try him out. Let’s get more in-depth into his play style!

Gekko has such a unique vibe: he looks cool while also being incredibly kind to his creatures and other teammates in-game. His special abilities can be very powerful when using them by themselves or combining them with other agents. Although he’s an initiator, we know he will come in handy in so many new strategies! We were so excited to try him out! We will explain his utility kit and some tips and tricks to use him properly.

Before we break down Gekko’s abilities one by one, we would like to remind you of something extremely important: he can retrieve his creatures for a short period of time and send them again into battle after a cooldown of a few seconds. These capabilities are similar to Killjoy’s kit, but the only difference is that you have to pick them up to use them again in the same round. Otherwise, you can’t use your little buddies again until you buy them during the next round!

Mosh’s Pit: Biggest Molly Yet!

Gekko’s abilities are great against long-range enemies, but this one comes in clutch to stop enemies from entering a site or defusing the spike. His Mosh’s Pit is his grenade-like ability, and it covers an insane amount of area, only letting the opposite team escape from it for a few seconds before exploding and killing them. It doesn’t matter if you have bought heavy shields, you will lose your 150 health points, and the only way to save yourself from it is to run away (or to stay at the very edge of it, which will make you lower your health a bunch, but not kill you).

Mosh’s Pit is the only utility that can’t be retrieved, as it explodes in the ground (imagine if you could pick it up, though. That would be insane!).

Wingman: Your Fellow Little Guy

The cutest little buddy is here to help you with the spike! Gekko’s Wingman can plant it and help you defuse it for five seconds to clutch the round. We have loved seeing this little fellow run around sites to help the team, and it will definitely be useful to bait your enemies. He can’t be stunned by any other agents. He is determined to his role!

Remember to carry the spike if you want to use Wingman as your planting helper! We know this is pretty obvious, but just in case, there’s your reminder. 😉

Wingman not only can help you with the spike, but it can also stun enemies that are nearby, just like Neon and Breach’s stuns. Just throw him out into the opposite team to get additional help when many players are pushing your site!

Dizzy: A New Way To Flash Your Opponents

Have you ever been inked in Mario Kart? Gekko’s Dizzy is his flashing ability, and just like Reyna’s flash, he can blind enemies for a short period of time. The cool difference about this flash is its screen animation, as instead of flashing you like many other flashes in the game, Dizzy emits a big blue plasma that will taint your screen, similar to the squid in the beloved driving game. It’s a new, cute way of clearing different angles!

Thrash: An Ultimate With Lethal Combos!

Some ultimates in VALORANT make every player shiver, and we believe that Gekko’s will be one of the scariest abilities yet.

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Think about Killjoy’s ultimate combined with Skye’s Trailblazer (or like some players call it: Skye’s Doggo). Thrash can paralyze any enemies that come into its range in a short time and, as we mentioned earlier, you can pick it up and throw it multiple times in the same round! Something almost unimaginable in the game.

Although this ultimate looks pretty OP, don’t worry, you can shoot it so it doesn’t hit you! And you can also flash it with other abilities so that it’s more difficult to get detected by it.

Check out some potential combos with other agents and all of Gekko’s abilities in the video below!

What’s your favorite ability of the new agent? Will you be maining Gekko during this competitive act? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more of our amazing gaming content, click here!



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