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4 Iconic Tennis Video Game Sagas To Play Before Watching Challengers!

4 Iconic Tennis Video Game Sagas To Play Before Watching Challengers!

2023 has been a great year to go to the theaters, grab some popcorn, and enjoy some incredible blockbusters. We’re just getting started! Zendaya is back on the big screen with Challengers, a movie full of passion for tennis, power, and love. We were speechless after watching the trailer for the first time! It looks absolutely amazing so far, and we can’t wait to make space in our calendar on September 15th to watch it on its premiere day!

After enjoying the Challengers trailer, we wanted to play tennis, so we decided to go through our game collection to see what we can enjoy before we watch the movie! There are so many hidden gems out there, and maybe you will get the same itch as us to play these again!

Wii Sports Saga

From being an extremely successful Wii series to bringing us fun nights with our Switch, the Wii Sports saga has shaped us as gamers. There are so many sports to try out, individually and with a team! We feel like athletes after climbing out on the leaderboard. Going pro in these games should be an Olympic sport!

THP’s Favorite Game: Wii Sports has to take the crown for this saga! We still get endless laughter while playing it, and it will forever be one of our favorite video games. The tennis mode is extremely fun, and the CPUs’ difficulty level scales perfectly as we keep winning against them. Not only that, but the training minigames are so fun! 

Mario Tennis Saga

Playing with Mario and his squad is always a delightful time, and they have tried so many sports across so many different video game series throughout the years. Tennis is obviously one of them! It’s so fun to create fast-paced games that include fun items. There’s always something new to unlock and discover in these Mario Tennis games!

THP’s Favorite Game: Mario Tennis Open used to be one of our favorite Nintendo 3DS games! Although it has a bunch of different ways to send the ball back to your opponent, the controls are very intuitive and colorful. The amazing unlockable stages and customization make this game even better. If you have a perfect combination of power, spin, and movement with your rackets and uniforms to win as much as possible, let us know!

Smash Court Tennis Saga

Sometimes playing these types of older titles makes us feel like we’re on top of the world. There used to be a competitive aura in the air when you booted any game from the Smash Court Tennis saga. They definitely made us feel like professional tennis players, even if we were just watching our friends playing it!

THP’s Favorite Game: Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 brings us endless nostalgia for those days when we used to turn on our PlayStation 2 and try to win tournaments. This game is definitely still playable today, so we recommend you get some pizzas and add this to your night of retro gaming!

Virtua Tennis Saga

The Virtua Tennis series has improved its graphics and its roster to play with your favorite athletes throughout the different generations of consoles. We have grown with this saga, and it’s been a hit among gamers around the world!

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THP’s Favorite Game: Virtua Tennis 3 is stored in our memories of playing the old PSP (what a time!). We loved to create our character to become the number 1 tennis player in the game. If you were able to win against the greatest players, consider yourself a pro!

We hope that these games make you feel like Zendaya in Challengers! Let’s become the greatest tennis player ever!

Have you played any of these tennis games before? Are you excited to watch Challengers in theaters? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more of our favorite movies, click here!



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