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3 Of Our Favorite Songs From Yuju’s 2nd EP, O

3 Of Our Favorite Songs From Yuju’s 2nd EP, O

Our vocal queen Yuju is back with her second mini-album, O, and she’s outdone herself with this one! We think everyone can agree that Yuju’s talent is one of a kind.

She’s such a phenomenal solo artist, and this no-skips EP confirms it. And did we mention she wrote the lyrics to all her songs? We love a hands-on artist. Her sound is so fresh and warm, which is perfect for the beginning of spring! Here are three of our favorite songs from Yuju’s O!

‘Without You’

Leave it to Yuju to render us speechless with every new release she has! The title track of her new EP, ‘Without You,’ reminds us of how much emotion and depth her voice has. The music video visuals are so comforting, not flashy, but still so magical. And we like to think this song has multiple meanings depending on the listener. ‘Without You’ could be about the loneliness and aimlessness you feel following a breakup, or it could be about losing a part of yourself and not realizing it until now. However you interpret it, it’s bound to be on repeat for weeks!

‘9 Years’

One of our favorite songs from Yuju’s O has to be ‘9 Years.’ Yuju calls back to herself from nine years ago, which was 2014, believe it or not! (Do you feel old yet?) We fell in love at first listen and even more in love once we read the lyrics. It’s crazy to think about how much we’ve changed from nine years ago, and ‘9 Years’ feels like we’re conversing with our younger selves. The acoustic guitar makes us feel right at home. And what’s even better is knowing Yuju wrote and composed this track herself!

‘Peach Blossom’ Feat. sokodomo

Another one of our faves from O is ‘Peach Blossom!’ And sokodomo’s feature is a welcome sound to our ears! If you ask us, Yuju’s collaborations with K-hip hop artists have been top-tier! (See also: ‘Evening’ feat. BIG Naughty and ‘Cold Winter’ feat. Mad Clown) We love the soothing, groovy instrumental with super catchy lyrics about an unexpected crush. Nothing screams “Spring is here” as much as ‘Peach Blossom’ does!

We’re convinced that everything Yuju releases belongs on repeat. Our love for her voice grows with every comeback. And her new EP, O, is what we’ve been missing all year!

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