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Binge-Worthy Buzz: You’ve Never Seen A List So Sweet!

Binge-Worthy Buzz: You’ve Never Seen A List So Sweet!

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What’s up, honeybees? How you doin’? Welcome back to another edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series where we list new recommendations of what you should watch next. And if we do say so ourselves, we have some pretty good recs every week. Want proof? Let’s dive in, then.

My Kind of Country

If there is one type of reality show we love more than all others is the music reality show type. That’s probably why we’re so in love with Apple TV+’s My Kind of Country. This music competition series debuted last Friday with the first three episodes, with three new ones coming out this week and the two-part finale on April 7.

The show follows three great names of the Country genre as they look for the next big Country star: Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton, and Orville Peck. Each of them will choose their own team of singers who dream of being a star. The contestants go to Nashville with the Scouts to compete for a life-changing prize from Apple Music, where their music will also have some pretty awesome exposure.

Up Here

Yes, yes, we know we talked about this show last week, and we didn’t forget that, but we felt like mentioning it again because Hulu’s Up Here truly deserves it. Part of the reason has to do with the amazing soundtrack – not that we’re surprised by this, considering the show was created by Steven Levenson, the same man who did Dear Evan Hansen and tick, tick… BOOM! Now, on to the story: the protagonists are Lindsay and Miguel, two strangers who meet in New York in 1999 and fall in love with each other, but nothing comes that easy, right?

During the process of getting to know each other, both of them will need to deal with the greatest obstacle standing between them and happiness: the little voices inside their heads. No, literally, they both have the manifestation of the voices inside their heads showing up to give their opinion on everything, even when they don’t want them to. And if you thought this couldn’t get better, get this: this is a musical series! That’s why we were so hyped to see the soundtrack coming out. And if you want to see its brilliance for yourself, you can stream all 21 original songs here.

I Got To The Rock: The Gospel Music of Whitney Houston

Last week, we all fell in love with Whitney Houston all over again with the documentary TV special I Got To The Rock: The Gospel Music of Whitney Houston. In it, gospel singer CeCe Winans shows us a side of Whitney Houston maybe not everyone knew about: her faith, shown through some of the performances of gospel songs.

The special first premiered on UPtv and AspireTV last Friday and will also be available on DVD soon. And if you ever want to relive the magic of Whitney’s voice singing these songs, the album with all 15 tracks is also available for streaming everywhere and on CD.

Invisible City

One of our favorite Netflix originals of the past few years has to be the Brazilian production Invisible City (or Cidade Invisível, in the original.) The show takes place in Rio de Janeiro, and most of the characters are figures of Brazilian folklore, such as Cuca, Saci, and Curupira, among others. The first season premiered in 2021, and the second one just came out last week.

The story revolves around a detective named Eric, who’s trying to raise his daughter and cope with the death of his wife. One morning, Eric starts a perfectly normal day investigating an anomaly (a dolphin, an animal that shouldn’t be on a beach, shows up dead on the beach.) The mystery begins when that dolphin turns into a human. From then on, Eric starts to discover a whole different world of mythical creatures that have lived in that same city for ages without the knowledge of humans.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Don’t even try to tell us you didn’t grow up playing Mario games at some point or another. And if you did, then you probably know there’s a Mario Bros. movie coming out on April 5 in theaters all over the world, too, right? Awesome! Let’s talk about that, then. Our story starts when Mario and Luigi, two brothers who are plumbers in Brooklyn, have a bit of an accident fixing a water main and end up transported down a pipe into a magical world where the story will take place.

Not long after finding themselves in this strange place, the brothers get separated, prompting Mario to go on a mission to find Luigi so they can get back home. In order to succeed, Mario enlists the help of Princess Peach, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Toad, a resident of said Kingdom, who help train Mario to become the hero his brother needs him to be. On top of the great storyline, we also have to mention some of the names in this cast, such as Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach and Jack Black as Bowser (that should honestly be enough to convince you to watch it, to be honest.) And along with them, we’ll also get a special appearance by Charles Martinet, the man who voiced both Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario games for the last three decades.


On May 12, we will be introduced to what’s looking like one of Disney+‘s best productions yet, Crater. The movie presents us with the classic Disney coming-of-age story we’ve come to love so much but set in space this time. That’s right, the main character, Caleb Channing, was raised in a lunar colony and had a pretty good life which is suddenly taken from him when his father passes away.

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After the loss, he quickly learns he’ll be relocated to another planet far away from the colony he learned to call home. But of course, he couldn’t leave without one last adventure with his best friends, Dylan, Marcus, and Borney, plus a new girl who, different from them, has been raised on Earth, Addison. The four of them decide to take a rover for one last ride before Caleb has to move away, and we can’t wait to see how this goes.

And this concludes this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list as much as we did, and if you did, tell us about it! Find us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, and let’s chat. We’ll love to hear from you.




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