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Thomas Headon Talks ‘i loved a boy’ and More in Exclusive Interview

Thomas Headon Talks ‘i loved a boy’ and More in Exclusive Interview

In the age of the situationship, we all have been faced with that not-so-age-old question of “what are we?” Even friends of our favorite artists ask that same question, but when you’re friends with London-based singer Thomas Headon, those situationships may inspire what could be his next hit song.

Having recently returned with his newest song entitled ‘i loved a boy’, inspired by the story of a breakup told to him by one of his friends, Thomas Headon came out with a new indie pop anthem for those who have been faced with unrequited love. New music isn’t the only thing that the 22-year-old musician has to boast about, but also performed in support of music greats Sigrid and Sir Elton John and boasts nearly a million monthly listeners on Spotify.

With a catchy chorus that has been stuck in our heads since we first heard the song, the team at The Honey POP got the chance to catch up with Thomas to talk about ‘i loved a boy,’ fans, and even what to expect from the rising star.

You’ve had people use a lot of words to describe your music and sound, but we are curious, what are 3 words YOU would use to describe it?
Really horribly bad

You moved back to London to take charge of your musical career after growing up in Melbourne! What have been some highlights and challenges of developing your career so far from home, especially through what was such a difficult time in the world?
Good question! In all honesty, it’s much better now that I’ve figured out how to live away from home and in London, but in the beginning, it was actually most difficult in situations I think everyone struggles in. I got super overwhelmed in the grocery store, I didn’t know how to cook anything but pasta, and I had no clue how to set up a bank account in the UK… all the personal things that everyone struggles with moving away from home. The highlights always outweighed the negatives though… some of my best friends are still the people I met during that initial move, I was going to events and shows that I didn’t expect to be ever going to, meeting some of my favourite musicians… definitely me in my wild child era.

You’re absolutely smashing TikTok, and your following is incredible. What role has TikTok played in your journey, and is it still as important to you now?
As annoying as that app is sometimes, it is literally the sole reason this is my job lol. It’s where I built a following first, and definitely still important in my opinion. I love teasing music on there and it’s so much fun seeing everybody’s reactions to it. Sometimes posting does get tiring, but it is just another part of my job and I can’t hate it.

You said ‘i loved a boy’ isn’t from your perspective. How did that change your songwriting process? Was it easier or more difficult to write from someone else’s point of view?
That’s a really good question…. to be honest I don’t really remember writing it. In my opinion the best feeling you can get while writing is when a song just comes out super quickly and really naturally, and this was one of those songs. Look, I’m no scientist but I think my brain must have been still processing what my friend Emily had told me that morning about her breakup, so then when it came to writing it my brain just spewed it out. Was this one easier or harder, meh I’m not sure, but writing songs that aren’t personal to me definitely are harder, hence why I rarely write them.

‘i loved a boy’ was written for a friend going through a hard time at a break up, how did they react when you told them you had advice for them in song form?
Hahahahahahahahaha y’know what, I actually haven’t spoken to her about it. My friends from growing up and I don’t actually really keep in touch until I’m back home, they also don’t really ask or seem to care about what I do musically…. it sounds negative but I actually think it’s a huge positive. I know they’re all proud of me, but they don’t ask or treat me any different to how they did in school. I’m sure she likes it, some of her friends put it on their story, that’s good right?

We absolutely adore ‘i loved a boy,’ and the abrupt ending was SO creative! Was there a particular reason you wanted to end it like that?
THANK YOU <3 Again I don’t really remember writing it that much, but (i hope she’s ok with me talking about this lol) I do remember that is basically how the actual story ended. Very abrupt and out of the blue. Which is sad but that is life sometimes. But we can lie and say it felt honest and real and raw and that was my creative vision, let’s go with that.

We love to celebrate the creative teams who help our fave artists shine. How do you collaborate with the creative aspects of your work? How self-led do you like to be with creative control?
Good good good I love that ! I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people on earth because the people around me are some of the most creative and hard-working people in the world. When it comes to the music I’m quite the control freak, I have a lot of solid “yes we are doing it this way and there’s no other way” and then the opposite too. But when it comes to videos, artwork, short and long form content… I tend to be pretty lenient and trust the people around me to know my likes / dislikes and to represent me. I’m usually one to start the ideas, “light the match” if you will, and they’ll finish it and make it look amazing. They’re very very good at it, I couldn’t ask for a better team in that department.

You recently got to support Sir Elton John and Sigrid, both of whom we’ve seen be compared to music royalty. What was it like when you found out you got those opportunities? What can you tell us about that experience?
In all honesty, I feel like I don’t really get excited for things to happen until they actually do. So when I heard it I was like, “yeah, nice cool, exciting” but both of those actually happening were like an actual mind-f*ck explosion of holy sh*t. Sigrid for one I am such a fan, and she is just the most phenomenal superstar performer, and even more so the most lovely person ever. Then Elton John was like… dude he has literally done EVERYTHING. There is a movie about that man, that was crazy. Both very much so unforgettable experiences, so so so beyond grateful I got to do them.

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Your relationship with fans is known to be so friendly, and we can speak from experience on that! How do you nurture that relationship with your fans that they hold so dear, while still keeping your own boundaries?
Awh  <3 Like everything in life, I tend not to think about it too much. I’ve been a big fan of bands / artists and I still am, the biggest thing to remember is that they’re all just the same as me. I’m not above or below them, I’m excited to meet them and they (hopefully) are excited to meet me. Sometimes lines do get crossed, but it’s rare and usually on such a small scale that other fans themselves go “that might be a bit too far,” which I really appreciate. It’s all love, I do really really like all of them.

Your fandom is getting bigger and bigger, as it should! What would you say are some challenges for growing artists when it comes to their fan community?
Kinda what you said above actually, some people don’t know others boundaries but even more so, it gets frustrating to give everyone as much time as I can. If there was a free, time effective and safe way to meet every single one of them and talk to them as much as they would like I would 100% do it any day, but annoyingly it just doesn’t work out like that. That’s really frustrating, for everyone involved, but y’know day by day try my best and hope that everybody leaves happy.

Your fans are dying for more music and are hoping for a full album, do you have a potential timeline of what they can expect next?
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no – go follow me on TikTok and then you can hear snippets of everything, until then everyone’ll just have to wait.

You heard him here first, honeybees. If you want to hear more from Thomas Headon, you’ll have to stay up to date with his TikTok, and that is one channel we highly recommend you pay attention to. Not only is his music something you want to get into stat, but his content is also beyond relatable. We know for a fact that we here at The Honey Pop can’t wait to see what else is to come from Thomas Headon and we are seated at the edge of our seats for more content from him.


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