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Late Night At ‘Waffle House’ With The Jonas Brothers

Late Night At ‘Waffle House’ With The Jonas Brothers


Picture this scenario: you’re sitting at a 24-hour breakfast establishment late at night. At the booth sitting with you are your close friends and family. You’re laughing with each other. Asking serious questions that lead to thoughtful conversations and learning so much about each other. It’s your turn to order now, and you choose the All-Star Special with a coffee. There’s absolutely nothing like the Waffle House. 

The other All-Star Special, the Jonas Brothers, understands the importance of those special and nostalgic moments with those who matter most to us. On April 7, the Jonas Brothers dropped their extremely anticipated second single ‘Waffle House.’ ‘Waffle House’ is providing a new view of the restaurant through the Jonas Brothers’ perspective. ‘Waffle House’ is like maple syrup. It’s a sweet song that will be sticking with you all day. 

Once again, the Jonas Brothers have taken us deeper into their relationship as brothers and bandmates. As well as, giving more insight into how they understand who they are because of their family. The way that ‘Waffle House’ is written makes it applicable to anyone. It’s a song for all listeners to understand the message and get lost in groovy songwriting. It’s time you take a bite at this ‘Waffle House.’

Let’s Sit At The ‘Waffle House’ With The Jonas Brothers

The original Waffle House, compared to the song, doesn’t always get painted in the best light. In reality, well, on social media, it’s described as a place where fights break out and tired waitstaff work. However, there are many stories that people share about their visits to the Waffle House, and those memories are so important to them. 

Everyone has a Waffle House. Not a literal Waffle House, but their version of it. Whether it’s an IHOP, Denny’s, a local diner, or a Waffle House, there’s a place where we’ve had our most important conversations. ‘Waffle House’ makes us reminisce about the places and spaces we’ve been in and how those spaces hosted our most vulnerable moments. You know those moments out with friends when you all share your highs and lows and remind each other you’re never alone? That’s the Waffle House. The conversations with your siblings laughing about how stubborn you all are because of a “headstrong father and a determined mother.” That’s the Waffle House. 

“Don’t get stressed, it’s gone get figured out. Oh deep conversations at the Waffle House.”

‘Waffle House’ was born from a simple but powerful idea: When you sit down with the people that matter most, anything is possible. This song isn’t about a restaurant, it’s about coming together with the people you love and making your dreams come true.

Jonas Brothers

“But You Know It’s Always Love”

Undeniably, the Jonas Brothers are talking about themselves and how they’ve worked through their tough patches. They’ve learned to understand more about each other as they’ve grown. They’re the first people to notice when something is wrong with the other. The first to light the fire and keep it growing with gasoline. Despite that, at the end of the day, it’ll get worked out as the fights, the stress, and the worries will subside together at the Waffle House.

“We never knew how to fake it, but we always knew how to break sh*t” 

The repetitive “hey now” throughout the song is a response call. It’s exactly what you’d hear from a friend, family member, or significant other in a fight. Or when you’re sharing your stress, worries, anxiety, sadness, or even when you’re teasing. The “hey now” is a natural response that can be said in different tones to many situations. It perfectly fits with the song’s theme. 

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Growing up, we would go to Waffle House after shows, and it became our sanctuary. It was the place we dreamt up ideas, the place where we worked through our problems together, and the place where we finally realized we could find our way through anything as long as we came together.

Jonas Brothers

Order Up And Dig In With The Jonas Brothers

The release of ‘Waffle House’ came a few weeks after their 5 day Broadway shows in mid-March. Lucky fans attending the Royal Albert Hall for one night only on April 14th will get the chance to hear their classic hits and both ‘Wings’ and ‘Waffle House’ off their upcoming album The AlbumWe’re doing our best to not experience FOMO (fear of missing out) towards those who will be at the UK show. If you are wanting to snag tickets for a one-night only for The Album, the Jonas Brothers will be performing later in the year on August 12th at Yankee Stadium.

‘Waffle House’ is a very tasteful single to release after ‘Wings.’ Both singles are fantastic and do not disappoint, which tells us that The Album is going to be well-written, catchy, and likely a new fan favorite. This year belongs to the Jonas Brothers. Listen to ‘Waffle House,’ get ready for The Album now, and remember all the reasons why you should love the Jonas Brothers. Nick, Kevin, and Joe are bringing a masterpiece to us! 

We have to know about your time at the ‘Waffle House’ with the Jonas Brothers. Leave us a review (comment) below with your thoughts. Or share what we hope will be your 5-star review with us on social media you can send us a tweet @thehoneypop or find us on Facebook or Instagram. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about your ‘Waffle House’ visit. 


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