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5 Reasons To Stan The Jonas Brothers

5 Reasons To Stan The Jonas Brothers


Do you need to know who the Jonas Brothers are? Do you feel like you’re saying ‘S.O.S’ trying to figure it all out? The Jonas Brothers, JoBros, or the original JB (sorry, Justin Bieber), belongs to the group of brothers that have been burnin’ up the stage since 2005. The band is named after the members, the 3 brothers, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas. The trio of brothers are extremely worthy of being added to your list of artists to stan. They’ll be the voice you hear inside your head, the reason that you’re singing (get it, it’s from Camp Rock). 

Happiness Begins With A Quick JoBro 101

In August 2006, the band released its first album, It’s About Time, and has been in the music scene ever since. The Jonas Brothers have sold over 5.2 million album copies worldwide. Their best-selling album, A Little Bit Longer, sold 1.5 million copies alone after its release in 2008. However, 4 years after the brothers released Lines, Vines and Trying Times, they went on a hiatus.

As the brothers went on their hiatus, they left many fans (yes, including us at The Honey Pop) saddened to watch the group go on their separate ways. Joe and Nick started their solo careers shortly after. Nick released 3 albums post the hiatus announcement. Joe released 1 solo album, and DNCE released 1 studio album and 3 singles. Unlike his brothers, Kevin didn’t make a solo music career. Kevin instead appeared on the 14th season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Later in 2019, the hiatus ended with the reunion announcement during an episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Then ‘Sucker’ was released shortly after. ‘Sucker’ was the leading single from their album Happiness Begins, which ended their 6-year hiatus

Entering A New Era Stanning The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers have been around for 18 years and continue to improve and impress. They are getting ready to take the stage from March 14th to 18th doing an incredible and new approach to one-night-only experiences. The Jonas Brothers are doing a weeklong one-night-only experience playing an album per night in order of their discography releases. It starts from It’s About Time and ends with an early listen to The Album (to be released on May 5th). Regardless of if you are or are not going to the Jonas Brothers one night-only era fest, this is the perfect time to get caught up on why stanning the Jonas Brothers is the best choice you can make this year.

1. We Love Camp Rock

A recent TikTok posted by the trio showed Joe trying to convince his brothers to dress the era for the shows in New York starting March 14th. In that video, you better believe that Joe was really trying to include the scarves. The scarves era was during the oh-so-very iconic time for the Jonas Brothers in the late 2000s and, of course, Camp Rock.  

To be a Jonas Brothers stan, you must watch Camp Rock to understand the jokes about their fashion, their hair, their ties to Disney, their feelings about dancing in the movies, and their music. As a result, many fans make content that references both Camp Rock movies. Such as the marching scene in Camp Rock 2, Joe and Demi Lovato’s duet in the first movie, and the dance sequences. You have to go watch Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 to fully appreciate and understand the inside jokes about Camp Rock and its fashion. 

2. The Brothers That Rock Together, Laugh Together

In case you didn’t know, the Jonas Brothers are hilarious. To demonstrate how humorous the brothers can be, all you have to do is visit their current social media pages. You can also see their wittiness during their Netflix exclusive Jonas Brothers Family Roast. However, nothing quite beats their iconic YouTube videos posted 15 years ago

These videos that the Jonas Brothers uploaded during their late teens demonstrate how authentically funny and charming they are. Most importantly, this has made fans fall in love with them.

One of these iconic videos is both Nick Jonas Show episodes. Please watch episode 1 if you need some serotonin today. Not to mention the chaotic Jonas Brothers on Tour Bus with both Nick and Joe hosting. Lastly, the most adored and most quoted, Oh How The Tables Have Turned

A wonderful thing about the Jonas Brothers is that their high-energy and unfiltered personalities have stayed consistent. We can count on them to always have unique content that will make us laugh.


Four years ago…the tables turned again

♬ original sound – Jonas Brothers

3. Jonas Brothers Make Incredible Music

There’s a high likelihood, Jonas Brothers stan or not that you know a Jonas Brothers song. The discography of the Jonas Brothers is unmatched. They have incredible albums with songs that have stayed relevant and popular throughout their music career. Once you hear the first note of a Jonas Brothers song, you will know that they make incredible music. They explicitly make timeless music ready to be played out loud to dance and sing to at any moment.

The Jonas Brothers made so many great songs over the years. Hits such as: ‘Year 3000’, ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes,’ ‘Hold On,’ ‘S.O.S,’ and ‘Lovebug.’

They also made these fantastic late 2000s bops too: ‘That’s Just The Way We Roll,’ the spectacular ‘Burnin’ Up,’ and ‘Paranoid.’ As we get into the 2010s and 2020s, we get even more songs to groove to. First, before the hiatus, we got ‘Pom Poms.’ Then, in the past few years, we’ve received ‘Cool,’ ‘What A Man Gotta Do,’ and ‘Leave Before you Love Me.’

You can guarantee that the leading single off their new album, ‘Wings’, is just as catchy. It checks all the boxes of a song that must be on repeat and put in your favorite playlist.

The music video is fresh, vibrant, and playful – as it’s from the fan’s perspective! ‘Wings’ is a song that is totally worth getting stuck in your head and a music video to watch on repeat. You better believe THP is soaring high every time this song is on. 

4. Impeccable Live Performances

Do you want to experience a show where it seems like the artist ate their CDs from how good they sound live? Look no further than the Jonas Brothers. Their sound has only gotten better over time as the boys’ vocals have become more mature and defined during their solo careers. That vocal development has benefited their sound now. They were great during their Burnin’ Up Tour, during their Las Vegas residency shows, continued to be great during their live performances on various shows, and will be phenomenal during their upcoming shows on Broadway.  

If you need extra convincing on how great of performers they are, you must see their 2021 Billboard Music Awards performance with Marshmellow, the 2019 SNL performance of ‘Cool’ and ‘Burnin’ Up,’ 2022 Thanksgiving Half-Time Show and their 2022 Global Citizen Festival performance collab with DNCE (which showcases how zesty and talented Joe Jonas’ vocals abilities are).  

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5. These Boys Love Their Fans

The Jonas Brothers wouldn’t be where they are without their loyal and dedicated fans who have been with them along the ride, regardless of when they became fans. The Jonas Brothers have excellent fan engagement and audience management. As seen on Ellen, they’ve surprised their fans a few times during a fan reaction compilation to the music video for ‘What A Man Gotta Do‘ and their recent surprise visit at The Album Flyover Experience. In addition, their dad, Kevin Jonas Sr., hosts a podcast interviewing his sons and fans of the Jonas Brothers!  


Just stopped by to surprise a few fans at THE ALBUM FlyOver experience 😏

♬ original sound – Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers revamped their Fanclub to a new and improved smartphone texting subscription. They are super active on the band’s social media pages – primarily TikTok (which has a lot of character.) Shout out to whoever is running it because it’s peak entertainment. Each member is equally active on their accounts. Joe, in comparison to his brothers, makes the most meme-worthy content. Kevin has more family content. Nick is a mixture of both jokes, family, and Type 1 Diabetes awareness.


#duet with @jasmineamabile not much has changed but…

♬ original sound – jamabile


I had 4 signs that I was living with Type 1 diabetes: excessive thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, and irritability. These can be recognized as common signs of Type 1 diabetes. I’m sharing my signs so that others can SeeTheSigns. Join me and share yours #SeeTheSigns #T1D #WorldDiabetesDay @Beyond Type 1

♬ original sound – Nick Jonas

You are the one, the sun, the light of day

You don’t need to take a lie detector test as Joe Jonas did with Vanity Fair to hide your growing passion for the Jonas Brothers. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the thousands of reasons why you should start stanning the Jonas Brothers. Soon you’ll see why the Jonas Brothers are the one, the sun, and the light of day for so many people. 

We must know what caught your eye about this trio by commenting below or sharing with us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. ‘Every Single Time’ you need to discover more of our faves that must put into your world, click here


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