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10 Joe Jonas Moments That Highlight His Stage Presence

10 Joe Jonas Moments That Highlight His Stage Presence

Hazel eyes (yes, we googled “what color are ___ eyes” for accurate physical traits only), littered in tattoos (one could even outline the form of a Bikini Bottom resident), and unruly, raven hair that cuts just below his neckline (though he has been known for supporting the early 2000s fringe movement). You probably already have some semblance of who we’re talking about, no? Don’t let us catch you sneaking another cheeky glance at the title if you need help. Of course, it’s Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas may be pretty easy to pick out of a Jonas Brothers lineup, but besides always having a running mental image of what he looks like in the back of our minds, the other thing he’s remarkably known for is his stage presence! From being in a band alongside his brothers to forming his own with DNCE, there have been many moments across his 17-year-long career where he’s effortlessly captured the audience’s gaze. While we won’t be going that far back in the archives, we’ve curated 10 of them into a list so you can spend a few unguilty minutes watching some videos of the boy with us. 

‘Be Mean’

Since it has 493k views on YouTube, if you’re a Joe fan, you saw this one coming. We’re talking about his Honda Stage performance at Flash Factory of ‘Be Mean’ in 2016. Forming the band of talented misfits, including one that has a side mohawk and a slit in his left eyebrow and goes by the name of Cole Whittle (the others are JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless), is one of the best career decisions he’s ever made. Regardless, Joe’s in this red and white ombre leather jacket, and he commits. 

‘Cake by the Ocean’

Surprisingly, the Jonas Brothers turned down a Yankee Stadium gig a few years ago, unable to grasp the idea of their fans filling it up. Now, for their “Five Albums, One Night” tour, they’ve done exactly that! And on that 67-song setlist, obviously, is ‘Cake by the Ocean.’ It would make sense for Joe to bring the type of pizazz he does into a song that’s originally his own, but it excites us that it’s at this level. ‘Cake by the Ocean’ on tour saw Joe on his knees, his voice growling, pausing for the audience to fill in the gaps and lifting the microphone into the air for their acoustics to catch it. 

‘Cool’ / ‘Burnin Up’

Although their first Saturday Night Live gig in 2019 since returning as a band had a few other tunes on the setlist (and as the title reads, one of them was ‘Cool’), we will spotlight ‘Burnin Up.’ Not only because it gave one of their OG tunes a giant platform once again (if we squint hard enough, we can picture them as gangly teenagers), but because Joe brought the fun, jigging behind Nick and stealing some of his lyrics while lipsyncing them. Don’t worry, that camaraderie is there too. In fact, they’re color-coordinated, looking like the lyric “I’m hot, you’re cold” as it’s a contrast of red and black. 


In the Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happiness documentary, Joe conveys how special ‘Hesitate’ is for him, slotting it into his mind as the perfect tribute to his wife, Sophie Turner. There’s then footage of him performing it at their Madison Square Garden gig for their Happiness Begins Tour. It’s less about him being the spunky entertainer of the group and more about letting his feelings wash over the arena’s seats. 

@primevideo Well I’m crying! #happinesscontinues @jonasbrothers @joejonas #primevideo #couplegoals #hesitate #concertfilm #joejonas #sophieturner #lovesong ♬ Hesitate – Prime Video


‘Truthfully’ is so deep into DNCE’s B-tracks that you’d find next to no videos of the band performing it after putting the track title into YouTube’s search engine. The first one, which we just have to show you, sees Joe and his DNCE bandmates serenade the Elvis Duran Show, with a stripped back acoustic performance that had us hanging on every last word/lyric. Nothing says stage presence like commanding an intimate setting like this. Six years later, on night three of their Las Vegas residency, they finally did it again. His brothers disappeared, leaving just him and JinJoo on stage. For anyone else, carrying the attention spans of a room full of people on their back, might be daunting, but he does it well.


‘Paranoid’ off the Jonas Brothers’ fourth studio album Lines, Vines and Trying Times got the 2022 treatment when they sang it at their Las Vegas residency. This time, he’s doing some prop work as he picks up the microphone stand, crouches down with it, and belts out about jealousy. 

‘Uptown Girl’

So maybe Joe’s shared the microphone with fans in the past (queue every TikTok clip of Alicia, the girl who dressed up as Nick’s red Disney Channel Games outfit, but we digress). However, there have also been times when one of his idols shared it with him. In this case, it’s Billy Joel as the two sang ‘Uptown Girl’ in London Hyde Park. 

@joejonas This still feels unreal 🤯 Thank you to my friend #BillyJoel ♬ Uptown Girl – Billy Joel


We can all agree that one can find ‘Jealous’ on Nick’s self-entitled album, yeah? So why do we also want to find another copy on Joe’s streaming platforms, after the JoBros performed it together. We’re not creating brotherly rivalry here, we promise. But there’s something remarkable about the power that Joe gives to the song.

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‘Sucker’ / ‘Only Human’

Through our descriptive language of Joe’s wardrobe, you can get the feel that we can pinpoint exact musical moments from what he’s wearing. This is no different, as his denim threaded vest is notoriously known for the JoBros 2019 MTV VMAs performances of ‘Sucker’ and ‘Only Human.’ And like before, though it comes as an additional pair, we kinda want to focus on the latter. Sure, it’s during ‘Sucker’ when they come into the crowd. However, when they return to the stage, they start the hip-rocking rhythm. Joe adds his own adlibs with “Jersey, what’s up?” (Really, there shouldn’t be a question mark there but multiple exclamation points, like!!!!), and he’s the first one to get down low, transitioning into their unique dance routine for the number that has one questioning if he made it up himself. All three of them eventually move into it once the chorus hits. 

‘Hands To Myself’

Who would we be if we didn’t leave you with his iconic take of ex-Disney peer Selena Gomez’s ‘Hands To Myself?’ And yes, we know that there’s no actual audience in sight; just his other DNCE bandmates shone through BBC Radio’s neon pink gaze, but we don’t mind because it’s here where his vocals kept us fed. For one, he starts the song by whispering into the microphone. Since he’s wearing a sweatshirt, it just provides us with all of the imaginable cozy feelings of Joe giving us a sultry lullaby to put us to sleep, just like he does with his daughters, besides the questionable PG13+ lyrics. However, when he reaches the pre-chorus, those noises come to screeching levels, even making one of those neck veins pop. And we knew then that we’d never needed a rock version more! 

Joe’s joining his brothers on a three-hour spectacular tour showcasing tunes from their entire Jonas Brothers discography, including some that even snuck into his and Nick’s, respectively. That means there are even more moments where he’s captivating the crowd. You know, in case any of the above weren’t deemed your favorite, even though that’s unlikely. Tickets can be purchased via their website, and if you’ve already been to a show, we’re dying to hear about all of your favorite bits, so tweet us @thehoneypop or over on our Facebook and Instagram. Whichever social media you’d like! We’re there, waiting to squeal along with you. 


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