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Here’s 5 Reasons Why We’re Still Simpin’ Over Joe Jonas After All This Time

Here’s 5 Reasons Why We’re Still Simpin’ Over Joe Jonas After All This Time


Joe Jonas has been taking up space in our hearts and heads for over a decade, and we can’t imagine a life where we didn’t stan the goofiest JoBro!

What better way to reminisce over the past decade or more than to talk about our dream boy, Joe Jonas, and why we are still burnin’ up for him all this time later. We’ve wasted enough time talking, so let’s get into it!

He’s The Funniest JoBro

You might think this is debatable, but you’d be wrong. Joe has always had the most outrageous, fun personality and sense of humor ever since we can remember. It’s followed him throughout his career, and we’re so glad because it’s one of our favorite things about him!

He’s An Activist

Joe is no stranger to activism and lending a hand to worthy causes. To name a few, he’s attended events for We Day California, supported the Black Lives Matter Movementand helped support the WE Charity. In an interview with MTV, he’s previously stated, “It feels good for me to be able to raise my voice and encourage young people to raise money for charity and help others.” We’re sure Joe is sure to continue his activism for years to come, and we’ll be here to support him through it!

He’s A Supporter Of The LGBTQ+ Community

Joe has been pretty vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community, and he strongly encourages others to have a voice for the community. He wants them to encourage everyone to be themselves and stand up in support of those who need it most. He has also performed at pride concerts and been in pride parades. We love to stan a man who’s using his voice and platform for the greater good!

He’s Open About Mental Health Awareness

He has always been a heavy supporter of his ex-Disney costar Demi Lovato and her struggle with bipolar disorder and worked alongside other big stars at Demi’s The Lovato Scholarship Benefit mental health fundraiser to raise funds for mental health programs that aim to help the less fortunate.

His wife, Sophie, even gave him credit for saving her life during a difficult mental health period. Not only is it important for his loved ones to have a strong support system, but a big stigma surrounding men is that they aren’t supposed to show their feelings, so him being open and vocal about mental health is a BIG step towards kicking toxic masculinity to the curb. We love to see that, and support this wholeheartedly! 

His Glow-Up From A Teen Stud To A Charming Adult Heartthrob

Not only has Joe’s looks had a glow-up, but so has his music! From Shane Gray and Disney Channel to DNCE and the new Jonas Era, he’s really shown just how much people can change in just a few short years! He’s more mature (though his sense of humor remains intact, thank god,) and he’s not afraid to show the world the real him- inside and out!! Here’s to you, Joe! We look forward to the next 10+ years, and seeing what all life has to offer you!

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What is your favorite Joe Jonas moment? Are you an OG stan, or are you new to the Jonas fandom? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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