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Exclusive Premiere: The Lighthouse And The Whaler Says ‘I’ll Wait For You,’ In Newest Track

Exclusive Premiere: The Lighthouse And The Whaler Says ‘I’ll Wait For You,’ In Newest Track

Hello Honey Poppers, you are in for a treat! Not only are we introducing you to a brand new track, but we also got to interview the artists! Today we are talking to alt-folk band, The Lighthouse And The Whaler cool name, right? The group has been releasing music for little more than a decade. You may have heard tracks ‘I Want To Feel Alive,’ and ‘Under Mountain, Under Ground,’ which deserve their own spotlight, but this new track, ‘I’ll Wait For You,’ may have just shot its way to the top of our fave The Lighthouse And The Whaler tracks.

‘I’ll Wait For You’

Y’all, when we said ‘I’ll Wait For You’ is our favorite, The Lighthouse And The Whaler track, we meant it. The buildup at the beginning, the soft vocals, the guitar, the chorus, and especially the horns! Are simply immaculate. No, but seriously, pay extra attention around the 1:45 mark, that’s when the horns come in. Most of all, though, we are in love with the message of the track.

‘I’ll Wait For You’ is a song about how people change at different paces. Sometimes the change between people is insurmountable but I think that many times the changes we go through just require patience to be understood.


We fully believe if you want to get into The Lighthouse And The Whaler, ‘I’ll Wait For You’ is the perfect first track to check out. It has everything that makes the band who they are, while also adding that new sound that you can’t help but love. You can listen to the track here, and while you have that playing, check out our interview with the group down below!

…The Lighthouse And The Whaler

Hi guys, welcome to The Honey POP! We’re so happy to have you, especially at an exciting time aka y’all releasing new music. As we mentioned we’re happy and using a title track of yours, we are ‘Ascending.’ What track name best describes what you’re feeling at the moment?
Probably ‘Let it All Go’, every time you put something new into the world it’s not really yours anymore it belongs, in some way, to everyone who interacts with it and we’re right at the point with this song where that’s going to be the case!

You’ve been creating music for about 14 years now, and have continued to release a lot more music since then. What kind of mindset did you have when you were creating ‘Under Mountain, Under Ground’ and your newest track ‘I’ll Wait For You?’ Was there a big difference in the steps you took to create each track?
I think the process now is much different. We didn’t really have any recording experience and so we would just stand in a room and write parts until it was a song and then memorize that and go into a studio and lay it down. Now the process is much more let’s lay down a lot of musical information, just record a ton of stuff, different versions of the song, different melodies and ideas, then sift through all that and find the song. I’m not sure that’s a better way it’s just how it’s changed for us over the years.

In June of last year, you released your LP Talk, which included some extra tracks that weren’t on the original. If you could make a deluxe version of one of your old projects, which one would you choose?
It would definitely be This Is An Adventure, we had a lot of music and different versions of songs for that project.

So as we mentioned before your last project was Talk, how different is this new project coming to be from your last?
I think each new thing has a life of its own, its own identity. We’re always trying new things out, different sounds and recording styles so that evolves with each release. We also tracked and produced most of the music for this new project which is a step in a new direction for us.

We know which groups people compare you to, but what artists inspired you guys when creating your newest track ‘I’ll Wait For You?’
Jose Gonzalez was a mainstay for me during this process, his newest record Local Valley is glorious. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.

By the way, we really love ‘Stay With Me,’ and we know it’s almost four minutes long; we still feel like it could be longer! We also like the line “Walk with me I think we’ll find / A way through your darkest hour,” and kinda wish we came up with that. What’s some lyrics that y’all have written that after writing them thought, “wow I really did that?”
That’s a tough one. I don’t think as a songwriter I really look at my lyrics that way. I guess I just write what I’m feeling or try to find the words to convey what I want the song to say but my relationship with them is less admiration and more reflection. I sit back and think I said these things because I had to.

Okay so ‘I’ll Wait For You’ is about how people go through changes at different paces, and y’all said all you need is patience, what other way do you think is the best way to respond in situations like the track sings about?
Communication. I’m a fan of Brene Brown, and she once said ‘Clear is Kind.’ Say what you mean, and let there be no doubt. Good advice I try to live by.

What do you think people will like most about ‘I’ll Wait For You?’
 I really just hope they enjoy the track and find something to connect to in it.

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You’re supposed to be touring after the release of this new upcoming EP, what kind of preparation for y’all goes into place when going on tour? What places are you excited to stop at?
We spend quite a bit of time individually practicing and getting comfortable with our responsibilities and then come together a week or so before tour for rehearsal together. We haven’t toured since before the pandemic so were pretty excited about just being on the road but if I had to pick one spot it would be Chicago.

What can we expect from The Lighthouse And The Whaler for the remainder of 2023?
More music! Maybe a new record? We’ll see.

Thank you so much to The Lighthouse And The Whaler, for not only talking to us, but also giving us the wonderful track that is, ‘I’ll Wait For You!’

What did y’all think about the track? Is it your favorite The Lighthouse And The Whaler song, or is this your first time listening to the band? What are you most excited for, for the future of the group? Let us know in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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