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Lights, Camera, MIJOO! The ‘Movie Star’ We’ve Been Waiting For

Lights, Camera, MIJOO! The ‘Movie Star’ We’ve Been Waiting For

It finally happened! Lovelyz’s MIJOO officially made her solo debut, and it is one for the spotlight! Can you believe it? We still feel like we’re in a dream.

Since Lovelyz’s members parted ways to focus on individual activities, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for their next steps. Some of the girls already gifted us with their solo music, and we’re beyond happy about that. Now, we add MIJOO to that list. making our playlists even better.

MIJOO is known for her many variety show appearances, her clear vocals, her enthralling dancing skills, and her ethereal beauty and performances. Simply put, she’s an all-rounder entertainer. With so many sides of hers to explore, in honor of her solo debut, we will focus on the ones shown through her Movie Star tracks.

The single album Movie Star comes with the title track of the same name and the B-side ‘Miss You.’ Two songs to experience two different sides of MIJOO. Warning, if you don’t already, you’re about to fall in love with this K-Pop artist.

The Spotlight Is On MIJOO

‘Movie Star’ is a dance piece that brings out her flawless and enchanting dancing, while her voice soars like an enchanting sound that we can’t get enough of. The song is catchy in every way possible: from its melody to its lyrics and all the way to its dance. No, we can’t take our eyes off MIJOO when we hit the play button. We’re sure you understand that feeling.

We see a positive and playful side to the artist, who embarks on a new path in her life. The music video is filled with star-striking shots of the performer in various gorgeous outfits and lit settings. Catch us learning the dance while acting as the movie stars of our lives, for the full song experience.

Meanwhile, ‘Miss You’ touches on a softer side, presented by the gentle melody and MIJOO’s perfectly clear vocals. While this ballad gives a sorrowful emotion, it also delivers a dreamlike feeling. We are crying, and it’s partly because of ‘Miss You’ (the other part is because we’re so happy about this debut.)

Ok, but we had to share this suit dance version of ‘Movie Star’ too, you know, in case you missed it. The fact MIJOO looks absolutely stunning in any outfit is beyond us. Top it off with that confident stage presence and we’re crying, screaming, and chanting all throughout the performance. We’ll be rewatching this for stream purposes (not because we’re obsessed with how good it is, pff.)

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