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SECRET NUMBER Remind Us Why They’re #1 In Our Hearts With ‘독사 (DOXA)’

SECRET NUMBER Remind Us Why They’re #1 In Our Hearts With ‘독사 (DOXA)’

Psst, we have a little secret to tell you! SECRET NUMBER has been on our minds pretty much all year. They already blew us away a few months ago with their Japanese debut, but now, we officially have a Korean comeback to add to every playlist we’ve ever made. DOXA is SECRET NUMBER’s sixth single album, and by now, Léa, Dita, Jinny, Minji, Soodam, and Zuu have already proven they’re one of the most talented groups out there. However, this era is really bringing them to the next level, and we couldn’t be more proud!

First, let’s talk about the title track. ‘독사 (DOXA),’ which translates to ‘VIPER,’ is a triumphantly extravagant song about a love that’s simply poison, and there’s such a dark allure that we can’t get enough of. The girls dive right into the back-and-forth of the relationship and deliver some pretty amazing vocals along the way! It seriously gives us an adrenaline rush whenever we listen to it, and we can guarantee that it’ll thrill you just as much as it does us. This might already be our all-time favorite SECRET NUMBER song – and that’s really saying something because they have such a mind-blowing discography already.

I feel like we have grown a lot by challenging ourselves to a new side and concept, and I hope the listeners of ‘독사 (DOXA)’ can relate to various shapes of love. I’m very happy to meet our LOCKEY on the stage again! I’ll work hard with my members during this promotion to make all LOCKEYs feel happy as well.


Can we also talk about the music video for a second? Because we need to hear your theories! It opens up with the girls finding a mysterious invitation outside of an abandoned building, and the note reads, “When I was going up the stairs, I met a woman who wasn’t there. She wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish she would go away.” The aesthetics in this video are seriously unreal – some of our favorite scenes were Dita brewing up love potions, Soodam laying in a tub full of flowers, and the full group dancing around in a warehouse with a chandelier. But what did the final scene where most of the group disappears mean?!

Okay, LOCKEYs, we know ‘DOXA’ is pretty bad*ss, but you’re gonna wanna grab the tissues for this one. We just celebrated SECRET NUMBER’s third debut anniversary earlier this month, and they’re celebrating with us on ‘Beautiful One,’ a gorgeous ballad about their growth as a group and how much they love their fans! They’ve truly come so far since their debut, and this song is a beautiful tribute to their progress. Even then, the best is yet to come as they gain more recognition and steal more hearts all over the world. 

Now we wanna hear from you! What do you think of ‘독사 (DOXA)?’ What are your theories on the music video? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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