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We Know Better Than Missing Out On NOAHFINNCE

We Know Better Than Missing Out On NOAHFINNCE

NOAHFINNCE is on a roll right now. A slot at Slam Dunk Festival, fresh off of a headlining tour, and now a new single? We hope he got a break but we’re also super thankful because ‘I Know Better’ is a banger. We’re huge fans of NOAHFINNCE here at THP HQ so of course we had to share our hype for ‘I Know Better.’ He’s bringing a fresh sound to the pop-punk revival and this new track has not disappointed.

Noah has said that this song was written prior to a mental breakdown, drawing on his own personal experiences. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you can feel anticipation, what happens when you know the breakdown is coming, and the self-reflection that follows after the fact.

Hey, yeah
From the floor
This ain’t fun anymore
I’ll get my life together
Just when they tell me to stop
I’ll justify whatever
When my feet catch up
It’s okay
I turned off the smoke alarm

You really get the sense of an impending breakdown from the chorus. That feeling of things spiraling out of control and the struggle of trying to keep it together before it falls apart.

The bridge also captures the feelings of the song. The repetition of the same lines over and over reminds us of the way anxiety takes over when it starts kicking in and your thoughts start racing. You’re trying to escape but you can still feel what’s coming. The production of ‘I Know Better’ really elevated the track and drives that feeling home.

I won’t stop running till I hear the sirens coming
Won’t stop running till I hear
And then I won’t stop running till I hear the sirens coming

Noah himself had this to say about the song:

I Know Better is about feeling yourself falling into unhealthy coping mechanisms and heading towards a breakdown but not having the motivation to stop yourself. I wrote the first half of the song when I could feel my mental health getting worse and worse and I finished the song after the inevitable breakdown. It was interesting to finish the song with a new perspective and see how self-aware but also self-destructive I was being. It was a very unique experience trying to get back into the headspace of anticipating a breakdown when you’ve only just managed to get out of it. I’d definitely say this song is a slight sneak peak of what’s to come. The song has the same angst and sarcasm as my old stuff but with a darker sound.”

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We love seeing these raw feelings captured like this and we appreciate the vulnerability that comes with putting that headspace into words and music. We also like that ‘I Know Better’ has NOAHFINNCE diving into a darker sound and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. If you love ‘I Know Better’ as much as we do, show the love and stream it now!

What are your thoughts on ‘I Know Better?’ Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, we’re always buzzing about something!

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