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Origami Angel’s The Brightest Days Makes Our Day A Little Bit Brighter

Origami Angel’s The Brightest Days Makes Our Day A Little Bit Brighter

It’s already been quite the summer for pop-punk fans! Heart Attack Man released one of the best albums of the summer. Now, Origami Angel’s The Brightest Days is added to the list. To celebrate its release, we’re going to go over some of our favorite lyrics from the album. Because we’ve had time to appreciate ‘Thank You, New Jersey’ and ‘My PG Country Summer,’ we won’t be including them. Just know that we love them too!

‘The Brightest Days’

“Where are you, my sunny feeling I knew as a kid?
Even on The Brightest Days,
I can’t see where you’ve been.
I’ve been trying to find you and I know someday I will,
and if I don’t then I’m prepared to die upon this hill.”

Gami truly said, “We’re diving straight into this.” These are the opening lyrics. The ukulele gives it a fun, upbeat vibe. But as soon as you process the lyrics, it hurts. And we’re only 31 seconds into the album. So, brace yourselves!

‘Picture Frame’

“It feels like a waste of mine,
to be searching for borrowed time.
And a fraction of peace of mind,
just assuming, that I’ll be fine.”

This lyric is so incredibly relatable. It can be so hard to find inner strength sometimes, that at certain times, it almost feels pointless. It’s just one of those songs you put on repeat when you’re really going through it.

‘Few and Far Between’

“It’s lost inside a storm of propaganda.
Wasn’t enough for the climate to change literally, but talk about politically
Each four years the new regimes release their worker bees in my hometown
And run it straight into the ground.”

While we love every song on this album, we honestly think this might be our favorite, lyrically. For this reason, we’re gonna focus on two sets of lyrics from this song.

If you know anything about pop-punk, you know that one of the major themes is hating your hometown. Everyone has different reasons for that, but they make it clear that their hometown of D.C. is being negatively affected by politicians.

“And I wonder if anybody else can see
the dark clouds hanging over me,
raining down acidity
and thoughts that won’t leave.
Since I can’t make them fade away,
I lock myself inside all day.”

We think this is brilliant for so many reasons. It’s another reference to the current environmental climate, but it also ties in with how the current state of the world and how it also affects mental health. It can be an easy thing to overlook, but it can be so real.

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Ready To Hear It Live?

Origami Angel have a busy summer ahead. They’ll be playing some release shows in their hometown… and also playing shows in the UK, embarking on a US headlining tour, playing Four Chord Music Fest, The Loneliest Place on Earth Fest, and they’re playing some shows in Japan! For a full list of dates and tickets, click here.

What do you think of Origami Angel’s The Brightest Days and what are your favorite lyrics? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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