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We Care That You Listen To Marianne Leigh’s ‘I DON’T CARE’ ASAP

We Care That You Listen To Marianne Leigh’s ‘I DON’T CARE’ ASAP

Honeybees, we just found your new favorite rising artist! Marianne Leigh is giving us the angsty pop-punk we’ve always dreamed of on ‘I DON’T CARE,’ an energetic song about insecurity, especially when it comes to relationships. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not really good enough for the person you want to be with, you’ll be able to see yourself in this track instantly, and it’s so cathartic. It captures the scary emotions of that situation so well, and Marianne’s vocals bring the feelings to life! 

Even if you’re not necessarily feeling that in a romantic situation but still find yourself comparing yourself to everyone you see while you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed, you’ll be able to dive into this song headfirst. And even if you’re the most confident person in the world, we guarantee there will be something on ‘I DON’T CARE’ that you love! Come on, who doesn’t love a good pop-punk banger?

I write from a personal place, this song in particular being a way to untangle my thoughts surrounding self-comparison and turn them into something digestible. Writing my deeply buried fears into the unapologetically fierce pop-punk genre was really important to me.

Marianne Leigh

You can listen to the song here.

‘I DON’T CARE’ not only brings us a heavier sound than the dreamy, soft pop we’re used to from Marianne, but it also commemorates the start of a new era of her career and life. Just a few months ago, she moved from her home in New Zealand to London, England, by herself, and we could only imagine how intimidating that must’ve been. While in London, she recorded her vocals for ‘I DON’T CARE’ and sent them back to NZ engineer Emily Wheatcroft-Snape, who helped polish the song into the masterpiece we’re hearing now. 

London was always a question for me, a dream that felt unattainable. I just had to explore the music world here.

Marianne Leigh

First stop: New Zealand. Second stop: London. Next stop, your playlist! And if you’re lucky enough to be in London, you’ll have the chance to hear ‘I DON’T CARE’ live when Marianne takes to the stage at Troubadour on June 28th. Go ahead and take a second to clear your calendar, because you definitely don’t wanna miss this. Then grab your tickets right here!

Even if you won’t make it to the show, we hope you’re loving ‘I DON’T CARE’ as much as we are! What do you think of the song? What’s your favorite lyric? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new music recs your playlist needs, click here.

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Need one last reason to check out the song? Marianne is a certified Swiftie, and we’re so living for her pop-punk Fearless era!


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